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Anastasia Butrym - Director of the British Higher School of art and Design

The British Higher School of Art and Design has built a strong reputation of an institution which promotes free thinking and brave experimentation since it was established in 2003. It has become the main centre of Moscow’s creative community: radiant, alive, entrepreneurial, compassionate, independent, energetic and always looking for new ideas and concepts in art and design. It represents creative individuals with different views and beliefs, yet united by the goal of making this world a better place.

Modern life with its accelerating pace, information overload, innovative technologies and unexpected restrictions may seem for some people as an impossible quest. Yet, our students use their knowledge and skills in art and design as a guiding light in the contemporary complex environment, using unconventional approaches, problem solving while creating new things and objects. 

Now it’s a perfect time for creative people to make a change. Prove that you can follow the creative path which is thought to be out of reach, belonging to privileged ones. Take on this opportunity to turn your favourite hobby into a career!

At School we believe in the three key qualities allowing to turn an idea into reality: willingness to think, desire to create and readiness to apply. All of these are the results of personal motivation rather than an inborn gift. Creative skills are not unlike any other type of skills: they require constant practicing and mastering regardless the age or gender. And when exercised within a like-minded community, it is achieved much more effectively and joyfully. 

At BHSAD we offer such a community, where aspirations are grounded in art and design.

Alice Rawsthorn, the former director of the Design Museum in London, has said this of design:

"Design is one of the most powerful forces in our lives. It is a ubiquitous element of our world that determines how we feel, what we do and whether we succeed or fail at it, often without our noticing. We cannot escape design, thus we need to understand it, the more thoroughly the better''.

If you genuinely believe that this world can and should be made a better place, and you care about a brighter future in the same way we do, the School doors are open for you to become a part of a professional, cultural, ambitious and creative community here in Moscow.

Let us think, create and apply together!