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As part of the public programme of the Britanka Degree Show 2021, the BHSAD will host an Open Talk with Anatoly Akue.

After passing through a new stage of knowledge and experience, we may find ourselves in a state of obscurity. What do you want to do? How to choose with your heart, not just your head? How to make your creative endeavors your job, not just a hobby? What is your path as a creator and what do you bring into this world? Can you fully rely on your vision or do you need to look at others? Are you talented? How do you rate your work?

These and other questions can come up at different stages of the creative process. During the lecture, we will look at them from different angles and try to answer them.

About the speaker:

Anatoly Akue has been involved in graffiti since 1997, he has been a participant in all significant street festivals in Russia. His wall art can be found in Russia, Germany, Italy, Holland, Denmark, Montenegro, Japan and Australia. In 2018, he began to collaborate with the Triumph Gallery, presenting his first solo exhibition, The Guest, and took part in the Venice Biennale. In 2020 he was the organizer and curator of the Nothing box project, which brought together 22 modern authors working with abstraction.

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August 2022
Start at 19:00
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