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Public lecture by Portuguese composer Jaime Reis on parametric loudspeakers array technology and its implications in spatialization in electronic media. 

In late December of 1962, a Physics Professor from Brown University, Peter J. Westervelt, submitted a paper called Parametric Acoustic Array considered primary waves interacting within a given volume and calculated the scattered pressure field due to the non-linearities within a small portion of this common volume in the medium. Since then, many outputs of this technology were developed and applied in contexts such as military, tomography, sonar technology, artistic installations and others. Such technology allows perfect sound directionally and therefore peculiar expressive techniques in new media, allowing a very particular music dimension of space.

Portuguese composer Jaime Reis will briefly introduce theoretical framework of the parametric loudspeaker array and describe practices (in music, arts, design, etc) that use such technology and their applications. Finally he will explain how he uses it in his music compositions.

Jaime Reis is a Portuguese composer based in Lisbon who attended seminars with Karlheinz Stockhausen and worked with Emmanuel Nunes (also PhD co-adviser), after studying Composition and Electronic Music in Aveiro University (with 3 prize scholarships as best student of the uni.). He's the artistic director of Festival DME (counting more than 50 editions). His music has been presented over more than 20 countries, both instrumental and electroacoustic. He has worked with institutions/ensembles such as: IRCAM, KCMD, Musik Fabrik, ZKM, Musiques & Recherches. He's Professor in the Superior School of Applied Arts (Castelo Branco, Portugal).

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