Portfolio Review for Foundation Art & Design applicants

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Portfolio Review is an opportunity to learn how to create a succesful portfolio. All participants will get a chance to demonstrate their works to our teachers and to get their professional feedback.

The review will start with a lecture by Sean Kay, Foundation Art & Design programme leader. Then you can show your portfolio to one of the tutors and get the feedback.

Review criteria:
- Objective Drawing (ability to transcribe the 3 dimensional world – not from photographs) • Quality of Crafting (applied to any medium) 
- Experimental approach to media (how many ways has a student experimented with using a particular medium) 
- Range of processes used 
- Ability to follow an idea through (how expansive has the developmental process been) 

We suggest students to bring a wide variety of works, which would fully showcase their creative abilities.

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Portfolio Review for Foundation Art & Design applicants

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Portfolio Review for Foundation Art & Design applicants
Date: 17 august 2022, 19:00

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