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Workshop by Luc Dardenne.

Brothers Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardennes from Belgium are one of the most distinguished, influential, and at the same time modest filmmakers in Europe. Behind the stories of their low-budget dramas that for some reason are considered socially-oriented one can find deep and provocative implications which make them similar to parables. It’s hard not to sympathize their oppressed and lonely protagonists, and the performance of actors in them is totally devoid of any artificiality or falseness. Their sensitivity to the issues of ethics is as revolutionary as the unique aesthetics they have created. Dardennes are one of the most important figures in the 21st century cinema who refuse to accept their celebrity status.

Luc Dardenne, the younger of two brothers, is usually in charge of scripts in the duo. During a meeting at the Moscow Film School, Luc Dardenne will reveal some of the secrets behind his creative technique, talk about the current state of cinematography, and give advice on how to preserve one’s individual style and be honest with oneself and the audience.

Besides, Luc Dardenne will present his book Au dos de nos images (Behind the backs of our images), a diary dedicated to the work on films made by Dardennes brothers that Luc has been keeping for over 20 years. The book is published in Russia with an introduction by a film critic Anton Dolin, who will be moderator of the event.

The workshop will be held as part of Dardennes brothers retrospective, it will be in French with consecutive interpretation. Participation is free, but please register on our website.

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