Learning Resources Centre

The Learning Resources Centre (LRC) provides informational support to educational processes at all School’s programmes. It is responsible for expanding the stock of study materials, subscription to periodic and electronic publications, providing information and communication services for students and staff.  

The centre includes a library of printed periodicals and an electronic library. More than 90% of its books are in English. The library's fund consists of 8000 copies. LRC is subscribed to 45 various magazines, has a collection of samples of paper, fabrics, finishing materials, and Pantone fan. The Center has an audiovisual section with books on art and design.
LRC constantly expands the network of contacts with providers of information resources (both printed and electronic), maintains links to a number of leading university libraries in the country and abroad, as well as design studios, commercial businesses, and industry partners of BHSAD.

The book collection is organized on the principle of open access in accordance with the Dewey Decimal Classification. Students are served automatically. For automation of technological processes, keeping of electronic catalogue and information retrieval, 1C-Library automation program is used.

The Learning Resources Centre has a book restoration section fitted with all necessary equipment and materials. The School’s students may learn bookbinding during dedicated workshops.  

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