In 2017, BHSAD established a facility based on VR technologies that will significantly bolster the student’s opportunities in the area of design. Now our students will be able to complete projects of any scale and complexity in digital 3D reality. It is a great chance for self-expression, for visualizing one’s ideas and applying imagination in virtual space.

Students may use the facility’s HTC Vive and Samsung Oculus Rift platforms on a daily basis, thus acquiring a variety of skills, such as:  
- creating architectural plans, constructions, interior design solutions 
- implementing new UX/UI interaction systems 
- performing drawings and brief sketches in fashion industry
- developing and animating characters for computer games, animated cartoons and movies.

A rotating platform for making 3D shootings and motion capture technology allow to quickly transfer a real object into virtual reality.  

Equipment available at VR Lab: 
- HTC Vive
- Wireless rotating platform for 3D shootings
- Motion capture equipment
- GearVR headset
- Samsung Galaxy S7 
- Google Cardboard 
- Microsoft HoloLens
We intend to launch a global project using VR Lab’s equipment that would allow taking online tours around annual exhibitions of graduation works, from any place in the world.