Centre for Model-making and Prototyping

The Centre is outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment for working with metal, timber, plastic, and other materials. Its technological capacity supports every step of architectural and industrial model-making process, starting from a graphic sketch or 3D visualization to producing the actual prototype. The students use the facilities of the centre to create all kinds of works of art, from jewellery to furniture and interior objects.

The primary users of the Centre are faculty members and students of BHSAD programmes such as Interior Design, Jewellery Design, BA (Hons) Product Design, and others, as well as students of MA Architecture and Urbanism programme at the Moscow Architecture School (MARCH).

In 2016-2017 academic year, BOSCH became strategic partner of the Centre for Model-Making and Prototyping. As part of this partnership, the company has provided electrical equipment which enabled our students to create even more exciting projects. Students of Jewelry Design: Basic Course programme also have at their disposal equipment by DREMEL which is designed for working with tailored materials.

Leroy Merlin is also Centre’s strategic partner in 2016-2017 academic year. The company has provided a wide range of hand tools and construction materials. The most interesting projects can be seen at traditional summer exhibition of graduates of British programs.
The Centre also features equipment manufactured by world-renowned companies such as Festool, Roland, Metabo, Jet, Proxxon, SATA, etc.

The list of the Centre’s machines and equipment:

- Dremel cordless rotary tool
- Dremel corded rotary tool
- Jet cyclone extractor systems
- Dremel gas burners
- Bosch laser rangers
- Bosch electric drill
- DeWalt right angle drill
- Cordless drills by FESTOOL, MAKITA, DeWALT  
- Bosch cordless carvers
- Dremel cordless carvers
- Polishing machines by Bosch, Hitachi, Dexter, Metabo 
- Dexxel laser level
- Dremel gas-powered soldering iron
- DeWalt electric perforator
- Metabo band saw
- Dremel compact disk saw
- Bosch recipro saws
- Cutoff saws Bosch, DeWalt 
- Circular saws by Bosch, DeWalt, Proxxon 
- Bosch saw for foam materials
- Dremel glue guns
- Industrial vacuum cleaners by Bosch, DeWALT, Metabo 
- Blueweld semiautomatic welder
- Bosch power planer
- Bosch dye spraying system
- Vertical drills by Bosch, Proxxon 
- Stalex bending machines
- Jet radial drilling, sharpening, thicknessing, turning, milling, grinding, floor-drilling machine tools
- Bosch cutting machine
- Proxxon thermal cutter, miller
- Roland NC 3D milling machine
- CTBrand welding station
- Dremel, Jet router tables
- Elmos, Kalibr grinding machines
- Bosch, Dexter heat guns
- Bosch, DeWalt, Dremel, Festool milling machines
- Bosch, Dexter screw guns
- Toolbox working bench
- Formlabs Form 1 3D printer
- LC 1400x900 laser cutter
- Water wall paint booth  
- FESTOOL  hand saw with guide rail
- FESTOOL hand milling cutter with guide rail
- DeWALT  hand milling cutter
- Proxxon hot wires
- JET chip extractor
- Metabo air compressor
- Metabo power jigsaw
- SATA paint sprayers and spray guns
- Hand tools (hammers, rasps, clamps, saws, screwdrivers, drills) 
- PRISM PRO V2 extrusion-type 3D printer
- A laser machine tool that cuts plywood and plastic to pieces up to 1 cm thick with an area of up to 150х100 cm.

* Students are allowed to work in all studios, labs and workshops only after completing induction training on proper handling of the equipment and prevention of accidents. Induction training is compulsory for all students at the beginning of academic year.
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