Fashion design workshops

There are four spacious fashion workshops, fully fitted with modern professional equipment by Brother, Janome, and Kansai. The workshops have sergers, professional and home-use sewing machines, including the ones with servomotors that ensure energy-efficient and noiseless operation as well as speed control.

The students are also free to use steamers, presses and other ironing equipment, cutting tables, carriers, mirrors and basic expandable materials – in other words, all one may possibly need to create fantastic garments, accessories, theatrical costumes, decoration elements and art objects.

Sewing workshops are equipped with globally renowned SPUR mannequins that reflect in the smallest detail all human body proportions.

The workshops are primarily used by students of BA (Hons) Fashion, Fashion Design. Basic Course, Theatrical Design, BA (Hons) Fine Art programmes, and others. Long-term programmes students who study technologies and garment design have a priority in using the sawing facilities. 

List of equipment:
- mannequins K&L and SPUR
- textile cutting tables
- one needle lockstitch Brother machine
- one needle lockstitch machine JUKI for sewing leather or heavy materials
- overlockers Brother (3, 4 and 5 threads)
- coverstitch machines for jersey Kansai
- buttonhole automatic machine Brother
- portable hemming machine JOYEE
- Bieffe and Lelit steam irons
- Heated ironing board with vacuum and blower Comel
- Manual press for duplication Comel
- Home sewing machine Janome
- Home sewing machine for felting Janome
- Button attaching machine
- Mirrors and rails for clothing

* Students are allowed to work in all studios, labs and workshops only after completing induction training on proper handling of the equipment and prevention of accidents. Induction training is compulsory for all students at the beginning of academic year.