Clay workshop

In the School’s clay workshop, students from various programmes learn to use new materials, thus expanding the boundaries of creative experiments. They gain practical experience in working with clay, ceramics, plaster, and learn to produce casting moulds, models, sculptures, and engage in hand moulding, embodying their creative ideas.
Learning is done under supervision of technology specialists or through individual work.

The students gradually learn in practice all stages of ceramic making process, namely:
- Ceramic slurry preparation
- Making plaster moulds
- Item forming
- Drying
- Glaze mixing and glazing (enameling)
- Baking

The workshop is equipped with a chamber kiln with heating temperature up to 1200°С for thermal processing, allowing to go through all stages of baking the items.

The workshop features the following equipment:

- PK 60 oven
- Pottery wheel
- Angle grinder
- Drill
- Screw guns
- Power jigsaw
- 90 L oven

* Students are allowed to work in all studios, labs and workshops only after completing induction training on proper handling of the equipment and prevention of accidents. Induction training is compulsory for all students at the beginning of academic year.