Printmaking and silkscreening workshop

At the printmaking and silk screening workshop, students will gain practical skills in various kinds of printing processes that have been known and applied for centuries. These include lino print, silkscreen print, monotyping, collagraphy, and dry needling. Mastery of such techniques allows expanding artistic boundaries and sparks the students’ imagination.

Under supervision of qualified specialists and technologists of the School, our students learn the whole process, from the preparation of the initial image to printing on various types of paper, textile, timber, plastic, metal etc.

The workshop is outfitted with the following equipment:

Lino print – Monotyping – Collagraphy – Dry needling - Etching: 
- Gutenberg’s printing press: print format 350х450 mm
- Etching press: print format 750 х 1000 mm
- Etching press: print format 450 х 600 mm

- Screen Printing Butterfly Frame Hinge Clamp
- Screen Printing table: 800 х 1100 mm format
- Screen Printing table: 500 х 700 mm format  - 2 pcs.
- Screen Printing set: frame format 650 х 950 mm, including exposing device «2 in 1» and vacuum dry oven
- Screen Printing set: frame format 1200 х 1500 mm, including vacuum copying frame and exposing device
- Flushing cabin and heavy duty pressure washer
Post-printing process – Casing:
- Bookbinding machine
- Heat press for thermal transfers: А3 
- Book Press Machine: A3
- Paper cutting machine: length of cut – 475 mm
- Booklet stapler
- Сrop a dile corner chomper

* Students are allowed to work in all studios, labs and workshops only after completing induction training on proper handling of the equipment and prevention of accidents. Induction training is compulsory for all students at the beginning of academic year.