Digital photo and video studios

This studio featuring professional equipment is a joint project executed by NIKON and BHSAD. It has three large shooting spaces with high ceilings, which allows to produce virtually any kind of photo and video-shoots and creative projects of any level of complexity.
Two studios are dedicated to model and large-scale photo shootings, such as furniture. The third one is set for product shooting. It can be easily transformed into a studio for fashion shootings. For professional fashion shootings, the studio features a special fan, clothes rails, a steamer and a large mirror.  

These spaces are equipped with Bowens lighting devices (7x500 J, 1x1000 J, 1x1500 J), Manfroto and Avenger racks, a large selection of multi-colored paper and fabric backgrounds. Students may choose from a variety of soft boxes, ‘beauty dishes’ and other devices that will help realize your boldest ideas. Professional tripods, honeycomb grids for the octabanks and ‘beauty dishes’ will help you broaden the range of creative experiments and use selective lighting.
Specific issues arising in the process of creative inquiry can be solved with the help of auxiliary equipment as a film scanner, infrared and radio synchronizers, flash- meters, grad greys, and other devices. The studio also holds a digital medium-format camera and film photo equipment (from 24x35 mm to 4x5 cm) that students are free to use.  
Advanced list of equipment: 

Digital equipment: 
- Nikon D4s 
- Nikon D810 
- Nikon lenses
- Mamia DM22 digital module 

Film cameras:
- Mamiya RB67. Lens:  90 mm Mamiya K/L; 50 mm Mamiya-Sekor C 180 mm Mamiya K/L. 
- Mamiya RZ67. Lens:  Mamiya Sekor Z 250mm, Mamiya Sekor Z 110mm, Mamiya Sekor 50mm 
- Linhof master kardan 45/57, Toyo-Field 45 AII, Lens: 90 mm Sinaron W 1:6.8; 180 mm Apo-Sironar-S 1:5.6; 210 mm Apo-Sironar –N 1:5.6 
- FDK 30х40

- 12 Arri 650 W tools
- Chimera softboxes for ARRI 
- Dedolight 100 W tools
- Dedolight 150 W tools
- Dedolight DP1 attachment – 1 it. 
- Bowens 500R, 500PRO, 750PR, 1000PR, 1500PRO tools

Attachments for Bowens: 
- ‘Beauty dishes’
- Standard reflectors
- Wide reflectors
- Honeycomb tube
- Background reflectors
- Umbrella reflectors
- Universal spot 

Besides, the students may use Manfrotto table and a Mac mini to control digital shootings with Nec AdobeRGB monitor, a large number of stands, accessories and auxiliary equipment.