Dark rooms

The School has two unique dark rooms for hand printing and film processing that can be used by the students and faculty members. In today’s digital age such rooms are a true treasure for those who understand the artistic value of film photos and strive to take the most out of the exciting world of photography.

The dark rooms are equipped with Durst and Kindermann professional magnifiers (20 pieces in total) which allow working with negatives of most formats (from 24x35 mm to 4x5 cm). The Rodenstock, Schneider, and Nikkor lenses are one of the best for projection printing.

Chemical processing of prints is carried out is a custom-made developer bath. The maximum size of the print is 50x60 cm. A variety of tanks enables developing black and white films with a frame size up to 4x5 cm. The dark rooms have equipment for cascade rinsing of prints, two dark booths for loading cameras with film, and a drying closet.
The necessary laboratory equipment for projection printing such as focuscopes, timers, laboratory lamps and many more are also available.

Detailed list of equipment:

- Kaiser vcp 6005 system-v 
- Berkey  Omega c760 super chromega 
- Durst m670 color 
- Durst Modular 70 Vario 
- Kinderman 707 Color 
- Durst m605 color 
- Durst m805 color 
- Durst laborator 900 head cls 450 
- Durst laborator 1200 head cls 450 
- Durst laborator 1200 head cls 500 
- Fuji  csd690 
- Krokus Color
Picture frames: 
- 24x18 cm 
- 30х40 cm 
- Kienzle 30х40 cm 
- Kienzle 50х60 cm

Lenses for enlargers:
(with focus distance from 50 to 175 mm)
- Nikon El-nikkor 
- Rodenstock Rodagon 
- Schneider Componon-S

Additional equipment: 
- Professional booths for film loading
- Cascade rinsing of prints,
- 2 Jobo Mistral-2 film dryers
- A viewing table
- Cuvette (max size 50x60 cm)
- Development tanks (35mm, 6x6, 6x7, 4x5)
- 2 electronic print dryers
- 2 specialized cabinets for drying barite prints
- UV radiation source for alternative processes
- Wide range of chemical reagents

Dark room's photo gallery on Flickr