Sound design studio

The studio equipment provides the students with a unique opportunity to master sound design, including creation of a database of sound effects, editing sound and noises, and creation of audiovisual works.

The equipment can be used by students who study on programmes that are related to creation of audio and videos materials, digital videos and sound design for experimental forms of art, such as installations, art objects, performances, and so on.

The lab consists of a complex of 21 workstations provided by Roland, the Moscow Film School partner. It is equipped with audio interfaces, controllers, synthesizers and portable recorders.

- AVID Pro Tools
- Stainberg Cubase
- Stainberg Nuendo

- Professional PC workstations
- Adam A7X active acoustic monitors
- Roland A300 PRO MIDI keyboards
- Roland Duo Capture USB audio interfaces
- Roland R-26 portable recorders
- Koss UR-20 headphones
- Sennheiser mic set
- BOWERS&WILKINS CM6 S2 acoustic systems
- TEAC TN-300 WHITE player
- TEAC AX-501 amplifier
- TEAC PD 501HR player