Jewellery workshop

The School has dedicated equipment for jewellery-making and unique machines that enable our students to fulfill any creative ideas, turning them into conceptual jewellery.

At our Jewellery Workshop, each student will have a designated workplace where they can master various techniques to work with different materials and learn to handle professional machines and hand tools.
Modern-day jewellery design isn’t limited to metal and gems, therefore the equipment of the Workshop allows hands-on practice with plastic, timber, glass and organic materials.

Thermal spatulas, roller press, vulcanizer, injecting device, rotary tools and 3D printers – and this is only a small part of terrific tools that the students will become familiar with at our Workshop as they master the exciting art of jewellery.
List of equipment:

- FOREDOM-К rotary tool, СС series,  18,000 R.M.P., 75 W
- OGME-PЗ optical head, F"=190 mm 
- Blazer GB2001 Micro torch
- Ring stretcher enlarger MARS
- Ultrasonic bath   4L/1 «Saphir» 
- Rolls В9-1 with manual control 
- Press-vulcanizer
- Wax injector
- Weigh-scales «Tanita» 1479J, 200 gr. х 0,01 gr. 
- Thermo-wax carver SW-150 (smooth adjustment)
- Electric muffel «Mitem 8» 
- Drill-machine Bulunmaz 50
- Grinding machine with dust extractor
- Welding machine JX-5-8 
- Gasoline blow torch GB -2 (1300 C)
- Sand blasting machine DL-3 
- Dapping block with punches 4-40 mm. (21 punches) 
- Square Disc Cutter Set 4-15 mm/ 7 sizes
- Disc Cutter small, 17 holes
- Disc Cutter large, 10 holes
- Round Bezel Punch Set (20 sizes, 5-20 mm.)

Bulunmaz 50.000 rpm Diamond Cut Machine features a reverse gear and can be used for working with diamond-point cutters while finishing the products. Formlabs printer can print on wax that is later used for metal casting. At ceramic workshops, students have access to a furnace for burning porcelain that is often used in jewellery design.

Ultimaker 2GO printer can be applied in prototyping with the use of ABS-plastics, while a vulcanizer and injectors are designed for working with silicon moulds and wax and are required for replicating jewellery items.
Professional equipment installed at the School’s Jewellery Workshop is unparalleled not only by Russian, but also many foreign educational institutions.