BHSAD relaunches BA (Hons) Photography programme

BHSAD relaunches BA (Hons) Photography programme

After a short break BHSAD relaunches BA (Hons) Photography that starts in September 2019. The programme leader Carlos Veiga do Nascimento explained the specifics of the first BA (Hons) Photography programme in Russia.

«One of the key aspects of BA (Hons) Photography is that it is very eclectic. The programme is delivered under the aegis of the so-called contemporary photography, from fashion to commercial photography, from documentary to fine art photography — all areas are welcome. The school has excellent conditions and facilities to learn and practice photography, but probably the most important this is that our students are completely free to define their own visual entity and are prepared to take new challenges and to become independent practitioners, thinking and doing photographic images, but grounded on a solid theoretical and technical knowledge.

We live in a world full of images. And everyone can be a photographer. The problem is that how these people use photography. Do they use photography in a conscious way? We produce too many photographs daily, but how many of them have artistic value? You can see two images that are really similar and depending on the context where these images are presented, one is a piece of shit and the other one is probably a very good photograph. We are talking about the same object that was put in different context. Look at the photographs of Richard Billingham, for example, are very neglige photographs, they are printed in very cheap photo labs, but he won the Turner Prize, because it all has to do with a subject and context when these images were shown.

BA (Hons) Photography at BHSAD is the only one of its kind in Russia. In fact, it's the only photography programme in Russia that offers a higher education diploma. We strictly follow the BA photography of the University of Hertfordshire in the UK, so in practice our students are the students of the University of Hertfordshire with the advantage of being able to obtain a british degree, which is recognised internationally, without leaving Russia».

On the photo is the work by Maksim Ivanov, programme graduate.