Britanka's graduates will take part in MBFW Russia 2017

Britanka's graduates will take part in MBFW Russia 2017

Graduates of CPD and British BA programmes will show their collections at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia 2017.

Britanka's runway show will begin with the works done by BA (Hons) Fashion graduates. Overall 9 designers – Anastasia Pavlovich, Emily Tokareva, Yulia Ivanov, Ksenia Dorogova, Lina Bouxdorf, Nina Veresova, Tehmina Poghosyan, Uliana Nekrasova and Zlata Belokobylskaia – will demonstrate their mastery and creativity, fostered under the guidance of BA (Hons) fashion programme leader Clare Lopeman.

Concepts range from addressing the socio-political context and the potential of fashion design as a sustainable solution for the Refugee crisis in Greece, with epic filmic images shot on location in the Moria Refugee camp in Lesbos. These images evoke a profound response, while the collection offers new methods to create a ‘capsule’ wardrobe in adverse circumstances. This collection reaches beyond existing frames as both a social commentary on protection, sanctuary and re-identification as well as therapy through craft, hand embroidery and construction techniques.

Other collections examine a range of conceptual narratives and starting points such as categorization, coding and re-thinking how fashion and textile technology can be presented as both an art form through scientific conventions of archiving and taxonomies. Students have also questioned and interrogated the future possibilities and notions of ‘Russian Fashion’ and how both Soviet and pre-revolutionary costume, craft and techniques can be re-interpreted and integrated in a convincing contemporary manner. Collections explore different angles on this, ranging from the epic cinematography of Soviet film Director Andrei Tarkovsky and how that can influence emotive and emotional approaches to fashion, craft and textile design. Other collections reference archival starting points such as the nostalgia of the country Dacha and pastoral life, while others look to Soviet imagery, functionality as well as traditional Russian costume through the lens of contemporary sportswear, re – interpreting historical techniques through new technologies, materials, and processes to create innovative surface design and functional detailing.

A show by the graduates of Fashion Design CPD course will introduce 10 new fashion brands created by the graduate students of the course during their studies. Each brand has its own philosophy, which is revealed in debut collections. The designers reflect on self-identification, the role of women in society, interaction between different cultures, and other hot topics.

In the coming month, we will tell you the story of each participant of the fashion show and their projects on BHSAD Facebook and VK pages.

The shows will take place on October 25th, at 15:00 and 15:30. Please follow the link to register in order to receive an invitation.

Britanka's graduates will take part in MBFW Russia 2017