British Higher School of art and Design's director Anastasia Butrym, presented an equivalent of professional standards for creative field as part of Circle of Light festival. The project was presented in a form of a radial map and serves as an important asset for educational strategy that involves transforming the creative industry via the promotion of creative professions.

«The world is becoming more chaotic and less predictable. But every period of uncertainty provides new opportunities. We want our graduates to have several professional goals up their sleeves besides the sphere they were majoring in, and to have understanding of the variety of ways to achieve them.

Therefore, we compiled a list of all major professions that our graduates can perform well at after completing their studies at the School. We came up with an equivalent of occupational standards which we called the “occupational formula”. It includes a check-list of skills and knowledge necessary to successfully follow the chosen professional trajectory», Anastasia Butrym said.