The Post-Photographic Challenge: The Twenty-first Century Image

The Post-Photographic Challenge: The Twenty-first Century Image

Date: 27.05.2019

TIME: 19:30

Maximum spaces available: 100

LOCATION: St Nizhnyaya Syromiatnicheskaya 10, building 2, 5th floor, room b501

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The analog photograph of the twentieth century was thought to be, at its core, a mechanical recording of the visible. In the digital environment, the photograph became newly malleable, easy to modify and now increasingly possible to synthesize without a camera. Should we still be calling the digital image a “photograph,” or has it been fundamentally transformed? Can the digital image amplify our sense of the real and the possible rather than diminish it? Should we speak now of the photograph, or the post-photograph, as potentially more quantum-like than Newtonian, related not only to appearances, the phenotype, but to our coded selves as well, the genotype? What is the impact of artificial intelligence and synthetic imagery on the status of the digital image?  And, most importantly, what strategies can be employed by a “post-photographer” to have a significant impact on the ways in which people view the world? 

Public talk by Fred Ritchin will be held in English and open to everyone registered under the form below.

 About Fred Ritchin

Fred Ritchin is the Dean Emeritus of International Center of Photography (ICP) School, former professor of photography at NYU, co-director of NYU/Magnum Foundation Photography and Human Rights educational program. He has worked as the picture editor of the New York Times Magazine (1978–82) and of Horizon magazine, executive editor of Camera Arts magazine (1982–83), Ritchin has written three books on the challenges and possibilities implicit of the digital revolution, and lectures internationally about it. Mr. Ritchin is also the founding director of PixelPress, an organization that publishes multimedia projects experimenting with virtual and non-linear photojournalistic and documentary work. Mr. Ritchin has contributed articles and essays to numerous books and publications such as Aperture, Camera Arts, Mother Jones, The New York Times, TIME LightBox, and the Village Voice. He is a leading American voice on subject of photography and the digital revolution.
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