ART & SCIENCE is a unique platform for the Russian market where science meets contemporary art, bringing together artists, designers, scientists and engineers. The symbiosis of science and art will provide a space for innovative ideas, will expand the audience’s understanding of the latest scientific and artistic developments and discoveries, will promote the emergence of a variety of experimental projects, and encourage the establishment of new connections and types of relationships at the crossroads between art, design, science, and technology.

The contest will feature projects executed by students of any BHSAD programs, individually or in groups, under the guidance of a curator/tutor or independently. If the project is carried out under the supervision of a curator or a tutor of BHSAD, such curator/tutor is considered a member of the project team and is part of the team of contributors.

All members of the team are considered participants of the competition - students, curators and tutors of BSHAD. Students from of other schools and colleges may contribute to projects, but they cannot be participants of this contest. The jury is made of the Expert Council of the BSHAD, which includes leading experts from various industries.

Each project will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

- Social value: environment protection, healthcare, education, culture

- Relevance for the development of new technologies: VR/AR, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, Big Data

- Relevance for business or industry: "live" projects or similar projects

The winner of the contest (one representative of the winning project’s team) will be awarded a trip to the major European festival of media and technological art - Ars Electronica (Linz, September 6-8, 2018), and will receive PR support for the project, indicating its contributors on relevant subject-related websites and in social networks.