Date: 29.11.2018

TIME: 19:30

Maximum spaces available: 150

LOCATION: 19 Nizhnyaya Syromiatnicheskaya St, buidling 3, 5th floor, room A511

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Only the physical experience can help a man to move forward in spirituality. No book can do it.” Marina Abramovic

This project’s idea is a direct communication between objects - a human body and a
chemical substance. The performer is in a glass aquarium. The aquarium is slowly filled
with steams which appear from this substance’s gas (fog) phase. The performer finds him
in the epicenter of this, and the substance precipitates on his body, gradually building
poly-crystals, dendrites. The performer needs to learn how to exist in this environment. The product of this performance is a live evidence of interaction between the human body and the substance as it changes from the gas phase into crystal phase and then finally
evaporates on the human body.

Performance as a challenge.
The body as an object of art and science.
The body as an experiment.
You will learn about this and other experiments at a meeting with the Art & Science laboratory SAVE

Speaker: Julia Borovaya 
Co-speaker: Edward Rakhmanov

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