Yana Volovich


1995- Bachelor Degree (Hons) in Social Psychology
2000 Moscow state university, Moscow, Russia 

2004 Jewelry design
Royal Academy of fine Arts, Antwerp, Belgium

2010- Documentary Photography
2012 Royal Academy of Art, Den Haag, Netherlands


2014 Colta.ru 
Photo documentary on fighting addiction and social problems associated 
with legal drugs in Riga, Latvia. 

2010 Gasrfrij Relais 
Relais Restaurants, Netherlands.
Promotion/brand identity booklet for gourmet restaurants in the 

2009 Temporary Landscapes (book)
Stichting Landschapstheater en Meer (SLEM). 
ISBN 978 90 78964 33 9

2007 Zomersprookjes, Landscape Theater project/Book. 
Stichting Landschapstheater en Meer (SLEM).

2006 National Geographic Russia magazine
Article on Dutch sub-culture and free festivals

2003 Jalouse magazine Russia, April edition.
Photo reportage ‘Recycling’

2003 Fashion Business magazine Russia
Article on fashion design of Yana Volovich and Ira Ribnikova
Photography by Yana Volovich

2001 Aus (AustralAsia) magazine, October edition
Article on Japanese Design

1999 Adrenalin magazine, November-December edition.
Article on Solar Eclipse Festival

Professional Expirience

2005- Volovich BV. Self employed. Design and construction of sculpture, metal
2012 fabrication, welding, and set construction for theater and festivals and event

2010- Hot and Easy
2011 Food performance, Netherlands

2010 O van Overijssel (O from the province Overijssel)
Stichting Landschapstheater en Meer (SLEM).
Province Overijssel, Netherlands
A four meter red ball was pushed 140km in a circle around the province of Overijssel.
Position- Construction, photography and performance.

2009 Windnomaden (Wind Nomads)
Stichting Landschapstheater en Meer (SLEM).
Oerol theater festival, Netherlands. 400 kinetic sculptures painted by 400
Dutch artists. 
Position- Metalwork, construction, photography and performance.

2009 Windnomaden (Wind Nomads)
Stichting Landschapstheater en Meer (SLEM).
New Island Festival, New York, U.S.A.
Position- Metalwork, construction, photography and performance.

2008 Walking 
Robert Wilson and Teun Mosk.
Oerol festival, Holland. 
Position- Construction and photography.

2008 Opdrift (Adrift)
Stichting Landschapstheater en Meer (SLEM). 
Oerol theater festival, Netherlands. 300 laser etched steel constructions
representing the human form. Public participation Landscape Theater. 
Position- Metalwork, installation, performance and photography.

2007 Zomersprookjes (Summer Fairytales)
Stichting Landschapstheater en Meer (SLEM). 
70 interactive glass seashells travel up the coast of Holland and tell stories by Dutch
Position- Photography, installation.

2006 Jaarringen (Year rings)
Stichting Landschapstheater en Meer (SLEM). 
Landscape Theater, 25 earthwork rings (400m wide) made out of sand. 
Position- Photography, performance.

2005 Clothes Design
Pushkar, Rajasthan, India.
Working with local craftsmen to produce a collection of clothes for commercial sale in
the Netherlands.

2001- Clothes and Accessories Design
2002 Moscow

2001 Bravo 
Animated video clip for Russian band Bravo.
Position- Making puppets and props.


Digital and Analog photography: darkroom, processing and printing etc.

Metalwork: Welding (Mig/Mmr), metal cutting (Plasma, grinding and cutting) and other 
engineering operations working with ferrous and non-ferrous 
Textiles: Weaving, sewing and constructed textiles.