Yulia Vanifateva graduated from the BHSAD Visual Communication programme curated by Leonid Slavin in 2012.

During her studies, she began working as a window display designer at the TSUM Department Store, but after BHSAD, Yulia's creative life gained radical new momentum: the TSUM window displays on which Yulia was working with her design team, were featured in Vogue Magazine, and she launched her own successful project — PINK POWER.

"Visual communication is a translation from verbal language to visual language. The challenge is to come up with the most ingenious solution, avoiding clichés, but so that the message can be received. At BHSAD I learned to utilise different styles and choose a visual approach not according to my taste, but to suit the task. Overall, the school has given me a structure with which it has become easy to do any project."

In 2015, a film by Russian director Anna Melikyan — 'About Love' — was released and was awarded the main 'Kinotavr' Film Festival prize. The role of the artist in the film was played by Yevgeny Tsyganov, and the character's street art — which the viewer sees on the city walls — was created the Yulia Vanifateva:

"Anna Melikyan's film 'About Love' appeared in my life almost accidently. They were looking for an artist who could paint Muralov's pieces for the film. The only problem was that I had to paint as if I was a man. The role of the artist played by actor Yevgeny Tsyganov — it was necessary that the audience believe that he painted it, and not a girl. So I had to put on a bit of a show. It was a very interesting and important project for me, since the film had a large audience, and I wanted to do everything as professionally as I could."

Yulia has also worked on projects for MTV, 2x2, Faces & Laces, Red Bull, Snob magazine and the publishing house Condé Nast.

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