Stas Neretin is a graduate from the BHSAD Visual Communication programme (2013-2015), curated by Leonid Slavin.

Stas is currently working in a 'dream agency' — Depot WPF, which develops concepts for packaging of different brands.

Stas's first project — made during his studies at BHSAD — was not only immediately noticed by international design publications, but also realised. Now his identity for the Moscow State University University Zoological Museum is officially used for off-site events.

With his second year project, Stas won the hearts of professionals all over the world. His packaging concept for the intimate hygiene product 'Naked' was recognised as the best at the 2015 Pentawards  (it won gold in the 'Concept' category), received the Grand Prix at the international festival of advertising concepts Fakestival, as well as the bronze medal at the European Design Awards. 

The Naked concept is based on the use of thermochromic ink with which packaging 'reacts' to the touch of hands. It has a delicate colour and smooth curves — just like a naked body. Every touch makes a tube, jar or bottle seem a little embarrassed. As soon as you take it in your hands, a shy blush appears in places that have been touched.

"People still write to me to asking to publish my concept — and it was really just a bit of homework, which I then modified a little bit and put in my portfolio. I consider that this project, jumpstarted my career: my name started to appear all over the place. "

For his graduation project, Stas developed an identity for the Plato Arts Festival in his hometown — Voronezh. In 2016, the festival will officially feature Stas Neretin's identity.

"The main skill that I have learned in BHSAD is teamwork!  Plus the ability to extract the best from yourself for a project, to spin the thoughts around in your head in a fresh way, to expand your horizons. Around you are 30 great designers (my fellow students), and watching them, talking to them and looking at their work, you begin to invent incredible things yourself! I love my group! I love my tutor, Leonid Slavin!"