Why did you decide to study in BHSAD? What were you doing before then? (work/study)?

Originally I was going to undertake a very academic route and was about to join Stroganov Moscow State University of Arts and Industry straight after I finished high school. I was constantly drawing and sketching and learning the history of arts to make the entry exams. Around the same time I found out about BHSAD and it completely blew my mind. I was inspired by a different format of education which felt broader and more varied.

Do you work now? If so, what do you do?

I’ve worked in a digital agency called Crab Creative for the past 4 years as a Digital Web Designer. Its given me a wealth of experience working for a range of industries. These include; e-commerce for the food and drinks sector, fashion, hospitality and retail industries, across a variety of disciplines including print, digital, branding and social media.

I had the pleasure to work with really big brands like Caffe Nero, Grosvenor Casinos, Lego as well as smaller British brands like O.W. Loeb wine merchants, Goodman Masson, London’s largest financial recruitment company and Billingham a company that produces beautiful handmade camera bags.

What you did once you graduated from BHSAD?

Once I achieved my diploma in BHSAD I freelanced and also worked in a Publishing house called Afisha Atelier for a year. Working at Afisha Atelier gave me invaluable experience in being part of a team and I learned a lot about the editorial industry, how to use grids and printing methods (thanks to Alex Simonov).

After I left Afisha Atelier I wanted to continue my education and decided to get a Bachelors in Graphic Design at the University of Hertfordshire. Once I got this I then decided to stay on another year to get my Masters Degree, where I was mostly exploring the effectiveness of graphic design within the hospitality industry.

Do you enjoy what you do? Does it match your career plans that you had while you were at BHSAD? Is there something you feel proud of?

I absolutely love what I do, but I always feel like I should be doing more and doing better. This led me to learning code (html, css, javascript, ect.), SEO and marketing. Design is still an important component in these areas, but there are so many other things to it that require consideration to make your ideas work.

I never really planned to work abroad, I think I was lucky to email Crab Creative during my Masters Degree and they invited me for an interview. They were not recruiting at the time and I just happened to find them while exploring Google maps, but all these funny little coincidences have led to a very fruitful, productive and exciting years of work.

What skills have you acquired during your years at BHSAD that have helped you in your career?

Software, methods, technology - it all changes over time, so the most valuable skill that BHSAD taught me was creative thinking. Education in BHSAD is of a very high quality and people work really hard there. I feel thankful to my tutors who always were extremely professional and inspiring. It was always a massive pleasure to work on projects with Tim Simmons, Dmitry Karpov, Victor Melamed, Evgeniya Righini-Brand.

What would you recommend to those who just start their career?

First of all, be proactive - if you have an idea, talk about it outloud.

Have as much fun as you possibly can with the briefs, do not let projects become a chore. Challenge yourself, as well as your briefs.

Question everything. Write your ideas down. Plan your days.


2015 - today
Working in Crab Creative, Freelance art direction and design work

2013 - 2015
University of Hertfordshire
BA Hons in Graphic Design
Masters in Graphic Design

2012 - 2013
Freelance, Afisha Atelier publishing house

2010 - 2012
BHSAD (Foundation, Level 1, Level 2) Graphic Design and Illustration