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British education programmes

We are the only school in Russia offering a unique opportunity to obtain a British degree in Art & Design, while studying in Moscow. 

All programmes share a strong culture of experimentation, innovation and debate within different approaches and cirricula. Their shared aim is to provide a dynamic and vibrant environment that encourages creativity and originality, diversity in thinking, opinions and ideologies. 

All our British educational degrees are fully validated by University of Hertfordshire.

University of Hertfordshire

Interaction with one of the leading universities in the UK is carried out within the framework of cooperation with the School of Creative Arts ("art" and "design" study fields) and with the Hertfordshire Business School ("marketing" and "advertising" study fields).

Business and Marketing
Duration: 6 months
Date of start: 3 April

Introduction to marketing
Introduction to marketing

Art and design
Duration: 9,5 months
Date of start: beginning of October

Pre-Foundation Art & Design
Pre-Foundation Art & Design

Art and design
Duration: 8 months
Date of start: Mid october

Introduction to Art & Design
Introduction to Art & Design