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BA (Hons) Marketing with digital communications

Digital interactive technologies for effective business solutions
Course length
Start date
September 2019
Tuition fees
GBP 6900 / year


The programme is designed to enable students to acquire knowledge and skills by combining theoretical concepts and ttheir practical applications. It develops students’ expertise and competencies through a variety of learning, teaching and assessment approaches, allowing them to apply their skills and learning to address various challenges and issues in the industry. 


This programme is a response to the demands and fast pacing changes in the market. It provides students with a competitive framework of an attractive and appropriate mix of modules embracing all subject areas related to Marketing in a Digital Communications context. 

The course offers a serious foundation in business, communications and quantitative techniques and, develops the interpersonal and employability skills necessary for succeeding at work. 

The programme is designed to develop you both intellectually and academically. It is based on consolidating Hertfordshire’s successful and award-winning track record as a business-facing and enterprising University and BHSAD’s experience in delivering BA (Hons) programmes in Russia, proven contacts with digital creative agencies and multinational clients from various industries.

From September 2019, both day time and evening time delivery groups will be available.


Knowledge and Understanding

- The key marketing concepts, practices and underpinning theory
- The complexities of organisations, in particular, the way marketing interacts with other key business functions
- The external influence on the organisation and marketing management
- Contemporary issues which impact marketing, such as innovation, creativity and enterprise; e-commerce, sustainability, business ethics and globalisation
- Theoretical concepts and vocationally relevant information associated with the chosen specialisation
- The role of advertising within the marketing and communications mix
- The nature of relationship between clients, agencies, suppliers and media owners in the advertising and communications industry

Intellectual Skills

- Utilise cognitive skills of critical thinking                                                
- Utilise cognitive skills of analysis 
- Utilise cognitive skills of synthesis 
- Assess theory and provide opinion based on reading and use of relevant theory

Practical Skills

- Integrate marketing theory, using contemporary case studies, simulations, guest speakers and links with live projects
- Construct a realistic creative and client brief based on a contemporary campaign

Transferable Skills

- Communicate effectively, both orally and in writing
- Work effectively in a team 
- Make use of effective problem solving and decision making skills 
- Work independently, effectively and to set deadlines
- Make effective use of Information Technology
- Demonstrate the ability to use academic, enterprise and employability skills in both scholarly and work-based environments
- Operate in the dynamic global arena and to appreciate contemporary and cross- cultural difference

Year 1
(Level 4 BA (Hons) programme)

Core modules:

Marketing Data Analysis (15 credits) 
Principles of Marketing  (15 credits)
Digital Marketing Essentials (15 credits)
Creativity, Technology and Innovation (15 credits)
Professional Development for Marketers (30 credits)  
Foundations of Economics for Marketers (15 credits)  
Introduction to Marketing Communications (15 credits)
Year 2

Core modules:

Digital Marketing in Practice (15 credits) 
Enhancing Employability in Marketing (15 credits) 
Strategic Marketing Planning (15 credits) 
Understand Customers (15 credits) 
Mobile Business Technologies (15 credits) 
Managing People (15 credits) 
Enterprise (15 credits) 
Consumer Behaviour (15 credits)
Year 3

Core modules:

Web Analytics and Social Media Monitoring (15 credits) 
Agency Relations (15 credits)
Contemporary Issues in Marketing (15 credits) 
Global Marketing Ethics and Culture (15 credits) 
Market and Social Research (30 credits)

Optional Modules, Select 30 credits: 

Managing Media and Communications (30 credits) ABV 
Dissertation – Marketing (including Research Methods) (30 credits) AB 
Advanced Integrated Marketing Internship (including Research Methods) (30 credits) AB
To enroll to the programme you must submit an application and a list of documents (see below), together with a motivation letter and a valid IELTS certificate (6.0 or higher).


1. All applicants from countries where English is not the preferred language of communication, must provide English certificate — IELTS 6.0 or higher (academic module, minimum 5.5 for each unit). CAE and FCE certificates, issued not more than 2 years before the date of submission, and a TOEFL certificate with a total score of 72 and above (reading 18, letter 17, listening 17, oral part 20) are also accepted.  

2. Students with UK qualifications:
- a minimum of two 4 unit qualifications (e.g. A Levels), one 8 unit qualification (e.g. Pearson BTEC Diploma) or one 12 unit qualification (e.g. Pearson BTEC Extended Diploma).

- GCSE Maths and English at Grade C (Grade 4 if completed from 2018 onwards).  

Students with Russian educational qualifications:

Certificate of full secondary education, and either a pass in the first year of a degree programme from a recognised Russian HEI or a pass in the UK foundation degree (in Business Studies, Economics, Marketing or similar area of studies).
Other qualification from various counties are subject to approval by the BHSAD’s and the UH’s admission office on a case-by-case basis.

3. Personal Statement / motivation letter — maximum 2 pages (in English)
We have a flexible admissions policy and treat everyone as an individual. This means that we will look at your educational achievements together with your applications as a whole, including work experience and personal statement, and may make an offer at any point within the stated minimal requirements.

Your application will be considered by the BHSAD’s Admissions office and in the most complicated cases might be subject to approval by University of Hertfordshire. Normally, it takes up to 3 weeks to make a decision on your application.

Graduates of secondary schools must first successfully complete the Foundation Business and Marketing course to enroll to this BA programme.


Full time  — 3 years
Evening time delivery — 3 weekday evenings, 18:30 - 21:00, Saturdays - 11:00 - 13:30. Day time delivery — 5 days a week.  

Year 3 can be completed at the BHSAD in Moscow or at the University of Hertfordshire in the UK.


Full-time: TBA in 2019

Students as a rule pay their tuition fees once a semester, that is, twice a year, but at their request can choose to pay on a monthly basis.

* This proposal does not constitute an offer, the prices are subject to change. Cost of services and conditions of their provision will be specified in the contract.


- Online application form
- Copy of previous education certificates and academic qualifications with a detailed transcript**
- IELTS certificate (Valid on the date of submission of the original to BHSAD’s programmes office)
- 2 photos 3х4 cm
- Copy of your passport
- Personal statement

**Certificate of full secondary education, certificate from the university about the successful completion of at least 1 year of higher education or a diploma of higher education, or BHSAD certificate of the successful completion of Foundation Business & Marketing course.

The school reserves the right to verify the authenticity of all received documents on education. The documents of foreign states are examined on an individual basis.

entry examinations

To enroll to this programme you need to provide the following documents:

- Valid IELTS certificate (or equivalent)

- Evidence of completed secondary \ secondary vocational education, as well as at least one successfully completed years of higher education program (including positive grades in all subjects of the 1st year of study) or Diploma of Higher Education

- Personal Statement \ Motivation letter

For high school graduates, the successful completion of the BHSAD Foundation Business and Marketing is required to enroll to this BA programme.

During the recruitment campaign, the selection committee appoints the dates for consideration of documents whose timetable will be published. The applicant will be informed about the result within 5 working days from the date of the decision. The Admissions Committee is entitled to request additional documents relating to the incomplete higher education to confirm the success of the results for at least the first year of study.

Submission of documents to the Admissions Committee is possible on any business day after filling out the application online. When submitting your documents, it is necessary to provide originals, including passports, copies of which will be certified by the staff of the Admission Committee.

Level 6.0 on the IELTS test (academic module, minimum 5.5 for each unit) or TOEFL with a total score of 72 and above (reading 18, letter 17, listening 17, oral part 20).

Certificates CAE (Certificate in Advanced English), FCE (First Certificate in English) and other academic certificates are examined on an individual basis.

If the applicant does not have a certificate, but successfully passed the internal testing at the entrance examinations of the British Higher School of Design, he will need to obtain a certificate on his own before the training begins.

What is IELTS (Wikipedia material)

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In Moscow, there are 2 centers authorized to conduct IELTS testing:

BKC IELTS Centre - conducts IELTS exams (as well as FCE and CAE);

• Students International IELTS Test Centre - conducts the IELTS exam

Free preparation for IELTS

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application deadline
Application deadlines will be announced in spring 2020.

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