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Foundation business & marketing

Course length
Start date
Tuition fees
GBP 5600 / year


The programme teaches a wide variety of skills and abilities necessary for successful
further studies at BA (Hons) Marketing and Advertising and BA (Hons) Marketing with
Digital Communications programmes. It is designed to master academic skills, the
foundations of business and marketing, to improve the knowledge of the English language
(including industry-specific terms and business vocabulary).

The programme will assist in making an informed choice of a BA programme in the future.
Successful completion of the course guarantees enrollment to the chosen programme in

This programme is intended for anyone interested in marketing and in pursuing a career
in this field. The course is mandatory for graduates of Russian secondary schools in order
to prepare them for studies in British higher education programmes. Such programmes
typically include a mandatory preparatory year (corresponding to qualification level 3) for
those who completed 11 classes of secondary school. Upon successful completion, students will fully comply with the requirements of the University of Hertfordshire in order to continue their education in three-year BA programme in September 2019.

Read more about the profession of a marketing specialist and career prospects in this sphere in this article.


The programme introduces a wide range of business disciplines that are absent in the
standard secondary school curriculum, as well as the specifics of the marketing field
chosen by students. Great attention is paid to the preparation for the peculiarities of
British higher education system: the development of data research and data analysis skills, self-guided work and evaluation of one’s own activities, team work on projects.

During the studies, the students undergo intensive training in the English language,
divided into several groups according to their level (from Pre-Intermediate to Advanced),
and then take IELTS test, a prerequisite for entering Level 4 (Year 1) of BA programme.

Core modules:

  - Exploring Business 
   - Personal and Business Finance 
   - International Business 
   - Principles of Management 
   - Market Research
   - Developing a Marketing Campaign 
   - Digital Marketing 
   - Managing an Event 
   - Business English 
   - English — preparation for IELTS
In order to enroll for the programme, prospective students must submit an application,
provide a set of documents, pass an English test with a result of higher than 55 points (or
provide a valid certificate for IELTS with the score of 5.0 or higher), and successfully take
a written admission test and an interview in English. 


- The minimum requirements for the results of an English language test taken in the
School according to the schedule of the current admission campaign is 55 points (out of
100 possible), or a valid IELTS certificate with the score of 5.0 or higher. CAE and FCE
certificates issued no more than 2 years before the date of submission of the document to
the Admissions Office of the BHSAD are also accepted as a confirmation of the command
of English.

- Successful interview and written assignment 

- Completed secondary or secondary professional education

Last date for submitting the documents – August 20 th, 2018. 


- Filled in online application 
- Original or notarized copy of academic credentials** 
- 3х4 photos (2) 
- passport (to be shown when submitting the documents) 
  **Certificate of completed secondary education or secondary professional education 

The school reserves the right to verify the authenticity of all received documents. The
documents of foreign citizens are examined on an individual basis.

Studies begin in September 2019.

entry examinations
Those applying for Foundation Business and Marketing programme should begin with
filling in an application on the website and submitting the following documents to the
Admissions Office: 

- Valid IELTS certificate (5.0 or equivalent) / or readiness to take BHSAD admission test
in English 
- Documents confirming the complete secondary or secondary professional education
- Passport 

You may submit your documents to the Admissions Office on any working day after filling
in the application. When submitting the documents, you should provide the originals (or
notarized copies) thereof, including the passport, and the copies will be certified by the
members of the Admissions Office in the presence of the prospective student.

Upon receipt of the documents, the Admissions Office sets the dates of admission tests,
taking into consideration the prospective students’ wishes, in accordance with the
schedule of the current admission campaign (full schedule of admission tests will be
published in spring 2018).

Written assignment and interview are two parts of a single admission test, the result of
which can be either positive or negative. The date is set by the Admissions Office in
accordance with the schedule of the current admission campaign, taking into
consideration the prospective students’ wishes.

Admission test consists of the following assignments, to be completed on the premises of
the BHSAD:
   - essay on topics related to motivation for getting a higher education degree; not less
than 200 words, in English, 40 minutes.
   - creative assignment related to business and marketing; in writing, 15 minutes
   -interview — in English, 10-15 minutes.

Prospective students who cannot provide a certificate confirming the level of proficiency
in English are welcome to take the admission test. 

(see English Language Requirements section)

The score of higher that 5.0 in IELTS (academic). Alongside IELTS, the following certificates are accepted:

   - CAE (Certificate in Advanced English) grade C or higher
   - FCE (First Certificate in English) grade A

Please note that we accept certificates issued not more than two years prior to the date of submitting them to the Admissions Office.

In some cases, when it is possible to prove the fact of successful studies in educational programs (for at least two years) conducted in English in the country where English is the preferred language of communication, the Admissions Office can decide to exempt the applicant from providing IELTS certificate.

Native speakers of English are exempt from submitting such document.

The total time for taking an English test in the BHSAD is 2 hours.

The test includes several stages:

10 minute break is provided prior to writing an essay.

application deadline
1 round (24.05.2019 - 31.05.2019)
2 round (28.06.2019 - 05.07.2019)
3 round (19.07.2019 - 26.07.2019)
4 round (12.08.2019 - 18.08.2019)

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