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Foundation Business & Marketing
About the course
The programme teaches a wide variety of skills and abilities necessary for successful further studies at BA (Hons) Marketing and BA (Hons) Advertising and Digital Marketing. It is designed to master academic skills, the foundations of business and marketing, to improve the knowledge of the English language (including industry-specific terms and business vocabulary).

The programme will assist in making an informed choice of a BA programme in the future.
Successful completion of the course guarantees enrollment to the chosen programme in

This programme is intended for anyone interested in marketing and in pursuing a career
in this field. The course is mandatory for graduates of Russian secondary schools in order
to prepare them for studies in British higher education programmes. Such programmes
typically include a mandatory preparatory year (corresponding to qualification level 3) for
those who completed 11 classes of secondary school. .

This programme is created by our international academic team. Our programme is licensed under ANO Universal University (as a further education programme) by City of Moscow Department of Education, and it is not accredited by any UK educational institutions. This qualification will be accepted as an entry level to BHSAD BA (Hons) Marketing programmes, but will be subject to a case-by-case decision of any other international institution.

Read more about the profession of a marketing specialist and career prospects in this sphere in this article.

The programme introduces a wide range of business disciplines that are absent in the
standard secondary school curriculum, as well as the specifics of the marketing field
chosen by students. Great attention is paid to the preparation for the peculiarities of
British higher education system: the development of data research and data analysis skills, self-guided work and evaluation of one’s own activities, team work on projects.

During the studies, the students undergo intensive training in the English language,
divided into several groups according to their level (from Pre-Intermediate to Advanced),
and then take IELTS test, a prerequisite for entering Level 4 (Year 1) of BA programme.

What makes the programme unique

Guaranteed progression

Upon successful completion of the Foundation Business & Marketing programme students are guaranteed admission to their British undergraduate programme of choice in the Marketing field.


The programme implies the studying of both classical basics and the aspects of contemporary marketing such as digital marketing, events, research, and the adoption of the latest international business cases’ practices.

Well-qualified tutors

Staff teaching on this course, themselves graduates from leading international business schools, are well-regarded professionals and researchers within the discipline. Their professional insights on the current developments and their experience has a direct impact on the teaching.

Live projects

Collaborations and partnerships with influential local and international brands and institutions will be an important part of the course. Our School established strong relationship with clients like Cinzano, Benetton.

Learning resources

Being a student of BHSAD you will have an access to electronic resources hosted by the UH library including image and article databases, electronic books, and more. The Learning Resources Centre at BHSAD is the perfect place to study. It offers access to a broad range of specialist books and journals, DVDs, videos.

Active language practice

Our English tuition is based on advanced techniques, taking into account the lexicological specifics of the art and design. Particular attention is paid to the development of students' spoken language and their ability to effectively express their thoughts and ideas. Our Foundation students attend twice-weekly English classes prior to taking the international IELTS exam, which is a prerequisite for transition to the British undergraduate programmes.
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Programme Structure
Stage 1: Foundations of Business Studies
The first stage is intended to build the foundation of a study pathway in business with a focus on marketing, offering robust bases for learning and practical applications to help students to start applying them to practical cases.

These bases are shaped around the concepts of business, marketing, management, with an overview on practical aspects of HR and leadership. This stage will also core principles of business and economics and underpinning theory.


Foundations of Marketing

Understanding the role of contemporary marketing, key terms and principles.
Foundations of Business
Understanding core concepts, principles, processes and contemporary approaches to business practices.

Foundations of Management and HR

English for Business & Marketing
Developing communication skills necessary for future area of study or employment.
Stage 2: Contemporary Tools in Business and Marketing
The program through this second stage intends to help learners to develop their analytical and critical knowledge and to transfer their skills to the understanding of more advanced yet basic concepts and help them to start comprehending contemporary business environments and tools of management of SME and small business.

Along stage 2 students will approach the study of the external environment in its interaction with the business: finance and market research are helped by a practical learning of the relevant tools and skills for business and marketing and advertising, including a first exploration of the digital world.


Market Research and Analysis

Understanding how to perform a market, social and marketing research, including digital, and applying these tools to making informed marketing recommendations for a selected individual project (start-ups or already existing businesses or their products).

Finance and Business
Understanding foundations of personal and corporate finance and their role in business operations and decisions, applying those to a lean business plan proposal (either a new product for an existing company or a startup). 

Marketing and Business Tools and Skills (no Analytics)

English for Business & Marketing
Developing communication skills necessary for future area of study or employment.
Stage 3: Integrated Marketing and Advertising Campaigns
The program will introduce students to a practical learning level of the external environment (market), where specific skills are required to develop campaigns and prove the effectiveness of learning and ability to put into practice the modular concepts acquired.

The students will develop their skills in a multidisciplinary way, where the interrelation is fundamental, and will learn how to manage communication, advertising, marketing in a more complex and holistic way orienting their vision toward the global markets and the digital world, learning about the most contemporary issues and practices of business.


Contemporary Practices in International Business and Marketing

Understanding the actual problems and techniques to perform global and international business operations, understanding the specific role of macro-environmental factors and foundations of application of PESTEL analysis in import/export and international business expansions. This module will require students to propose a business project within an international context with the support of classic techniques and modern digital tools.

Digital Marketing and Advertising Campaign

This practical module will allow you to develop an integrated marketing campaign based on your knowledge, understanding and skills acquired throughout the course. You will be working on selected projects in teams and will be required to demonstrate the results as a group presentation and to produce visual supporting materials to be displayed at the School End-of-the year exhibition. 

Innovative Practices in Marketing and Business

English for Business & Marketing
Developing communication skills necessary for future area of study or employment.
How to apply

Entry exams

Those applying for Foundation Business and Marketing programme should begin with
filling in an application on the website and submitting the following documents to the
Admissions Office:

- Valid IELTS certificate (5.0 or equivalent) / or readiness to take BHSAD admission test
in English
- Documents confirming the complete secondary or secondary professional education
- Passport

You may submit your documents to the Admissions Office on any working day after filling
in the application. When submitting the documents, you should provide the originals (or
notarized copies) thereof, including the passport, and the copies will be certified by the
members of the Admissions Office in the presence of the prospective student.

Upon receipt of the documents, the Admissions Office sets the dates of admission tests,
taking into consideration the prospective students’ wishes, in accordance with the
schedule of the current admission campaign (full schedule of admission tests will be
published in spring 2020).

Written assignment and interview are two parts of a single admission test, the result of
which can be either positive or negative. The date is set by the Admissions Office in
accordance with the schedule of the current admission campaign, taking into
consideration the prospective students’ wishes.

Admission test consists of the following assignments, to be completed on the premises of
the BHSAD:
- essay on topics related to motivation for getting a higher education degree; not less
than 200 words, in English, 40 minutes.
- creative assignment related to business and marketing; in writing, 15 minutes
-interview — in English, 10-15 minutes.

Prospective students who cannot provide a certificate confirming the level of proficiency
in English are welcome to take the admission test.

(see English Language Requirements section)

Required level of English

The minimum entry requirement for prospective students during the preliminary examination is pre-intermediate to intermediate English. As part of Foundation Art & Design course the students undergo intensive training in groups of respective levels (from Pre-Intermediate to Advanced). After the training the students take the IELTS test which is a prerequisite for moving to the Year 1 of BA degree.

The test is carried out in several stages or modules:

Listening (listening to recording played once) – 10 questions, 15 minutes. Examples: audio taskanswers;

Grammar test – 55 questions, 40 minutes, based on Murphy English grammar in use Intermediate;

Reading apprehension – 2 parts, 20 questions, 30 minutes, no electronic version, usually printed and adapted;

Essay writing – 45 minutes, 200-250 words on a topic proposed; e.g. Some people prefer to live in a small town. Others prefer to live in a big city. Which place would you prefer to live in?

The total test duration is 2 hours. A 10-break is given before the essay writing.


How can I apply?

Applicants need to provide the following documents:

- online application form
- copy or the original of previous education certificates and academic qualifications.
- 2 photos 3×4
- copy of your passport

After the necessary documents are provided you need to sign the contracts. For applicants under 18 presence of one of the parents is required. More details about the application process can be found in the “How to apply” section of the website.

What is the language of delivery?

The education at BHSAD is provided by an international team of lecturers but the working language is always English for our British programmes.

Визуальные коммуникации

Foundation Business & Marketing

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