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Strategic Interior Design

Course length
2 days
Tuition fees
15000 RUB
11-5 pm

Who is the course aimed at?

This course is ideal for young creatives who already possess a good level of  art/design skills and wish to improve their interior design skills and are thinking of applying to BA (Hons) Interior Architecture & Design.

This quick course intends to give a very short sample of the unique teaching methodology in our course by addressing the combination of human centered design and design thinking with interior architecture. In this task you will be organized in small groups and given an existing space in the territory of Artplay and you will have to create a unique shopping experience based on existing market prerogatives and real architectural constraints. This is just one of the delivered aspects in the overall BA (Hons) and intends to give a small taster experience of the BA (Hons) Interior Architecture & Design programme at BHSAD.

This course gives an insight into what it is like studying on the British Programmes at the British Higher School of Art & Design and is an ideal opportunity for prospective students to develop work suitable for applications.

What will you take away from the course?

From this course you will learn how to address architectural and interior problems from a different perspective from the typical architectural education, simply by being more human centric and market oriented.

What will the students achieve? 

  • Understanding of the design process
  • Knowledge of market research
  • Design Thinking methods
  • Idea generation tools
  • Improved presentation skills

How will the course be taught? 

  • Project work
  • Short lecture-style talks
  • Experience prototyping
  • Workshops

What are the key topics the course will cover?

  • The design process in Interior Architecture &  Design
  • Research methods
  • Generating ideas
  • Quick sketching and communicating ideas
  • Fast prototyping
  • Portfolio and application advice for further studies


Candidates for this course should ideally have a previous knowledge in working with some basic visualization software packages like Photoshop, ideally basics of CAD modeling and enthusiasm to discover new ways to open up the eyes.


-3 White boards 
- Post its (a Lot)
- A pack of A3 paper
- 10 pages per each print outs
- 3 Corrugated cardboard sheets per student
- Access to one of the Artplay free premises

Please, bring:

  • Pencils, cutter, pen, camera (laptop - optional)

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