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LEARNING Resources Centre

Learning resources centre provides information support for students of all programmes


The Learning Resources Centre (LRC) plays an important role at the British Higher School for Arts & Design. It was created in order to provide extensive informational support to our students through constant maintenance and development of learning resources, as well as implementation of information and communication services for students and staff. LRC also provides guidance and advise to the BHSAD students in creating bibliography list for papers.


LRC constantly expands the network of contacts with providers of information resources (both print and electronic), maintains links with other libraries in the country, including of other Russian universities, and with industry partners of BHSAD.


The Centre includes a printed publications library and an electronic library. The ABIS MARK-SQL system is used for technological processes automation, creating an electronic catalogue and information search. The library book fund is organized in line with the principle of public access, in accordance with the structure of the Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC).

Access to resources

LRC is located on the 5th floor of the main BHSAD building next to the cafe and the reception desk. The right to use the library is offered to students of all levels of British BA programmes, CPD and other courses; tutors and school staff. The head of LRC is Ms. Olga Pokrovskaya.