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Summer Internships 2016

Current internship opportunities for BHSAD students

Dear students,
This is the right time to apply for summer internships. An internship often becomes an essential step to launching your career as a young designer as it offers students a period of practical experience in the industry relating to their field of study. As an intern you can gain first-hand knowledge of business processes and obtain useful references and recommendations for your professional CV.

Most of the times an internship should be considered as a tool to learn about the industry rather than a job to earn money. Unpaid internships are often the ones that have potential job offers waiting at the end of the internship. Paid internships can offer the best of both worlds by offering pay and valuable hands-on training experience.

We encourage you to evaluate each internship opportunity based on the job description as well as your commitment, field of interest and your time resources.

Each internship is stipulated by a legal document that we sign with each company that guarantee the required terms and conditions of the internship. We are also in touch with the employer and the intern at all times to ensure that it is a valuable and beneficial experience for both parties.

Please click on each link for a job description (in Russian. If you need the English translation of a particular internship, please contact us at the email address below). To apply please send your portfolio/a link to your portfolio and CV to indicating the internship in the Subject line, and we will contact you regarding the next steps.

Also note that during the summer this list of internships will be expanded.

Best, BHSAD Industry Relations

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