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The department explores opportunities for new educational programmes, designs and develops programmes, plays a key role in maintaining academic quality and ensuring that the academic experience of students at the School is of an appropriately high standard. We work in the following core areas:

Research and development

We regularly research on the current professional requirements of creative industries, the variety of educational solutions offered as well as on trends within academic community and range of academic standards in Russia and overseas. Analysis of lifestyle trends and demand for learning helps us to outline the profile of our prospective student. The results of such research are crucial for the design or the update of our programmes.

Educational programmes

We are responsible for the design and development of educational programmes, the enhancement of portfolio of programmes and learning modes. Students are also involved in the process of development through regular collection and analysis of their feedback. This allows to ensure that programmes comply with their learning outcomes.

Academic staff

We select academic staff in collaboration with Programme Leaders and provide guidance to them on the standards of curriculum development, learning and teaching practice, interaction with students, examination and assessment regulations.

Academic quality

During the provision of educational programmes, we evaluate their efficiency and identify fields for further improvement. The evaluation is based on the standards of academic quality. We are also responsible for developing School’s guidance on learning and teaching practice, examination and assessment regulations and monitor consistent compliance with them across all academic departments.

Support to students

We provide information to support academic experience of students, for example, guidance on issues of reinstatement, temporary rest from studies, reinstatement for the completion of final work, reasons for withdrawal, etc. We also provide advice and guidance on cases related to students' personal issues that affect their learning experience.