Strategy & Key Values
Strategy & Key Values

Strategy & Key Values


Our strategy is focused on offering the highest academic quality in teaching the creative disciplines by providing the best intellectual, organisational, informational, and technological resources to secure successful careers and employability for our students.


Our mission is to transform creative industries through popularization of creative professions and skills, setting up innovative educational standards and training highly experienced specialists ready to compete on the global market.


The British Higher School of Art and Design is an innovative, creative and enterprising institution focused on student-centred approach and dedicated to enjoyment in learning and work. The School has always been a place of integrity where the individual is respected and excellence is praised.

From the very start the British Higher School of Art and Design has followed those values which determine its history and, ultimately, its success:

- Intellectual and creative stimulation, experimental approach, student competition and independence
- Maintaining and developing close links within the creative industries
- Supporting the academic process through continual improvement of intellectual, physical and information resources
- Assisting students of any age or background in their learning and career development
- Striving for perfection in a chosen field of activity