We are the only school in Russia offering a unique opportunity to obtain a British degree in Art & Design, while studying in Moscow.

All programmes share a strong culture of experimentation, innovation and debate within different approaches and cirricula. Their shared aim is to provide a dynamic and vibrant environment that encourages creativity and originality, diversity in thinking, opinions and ideologies.

All our British educational degrees are fully validated by University of Hertfordshire.
In addition to its British BA programmes, the School offers various CPD programmes designed for students with diverse educational and professional background interested in further professional development.

These courses will allow you to acquire new skills for your job, prepare yourself for a next professional challenge or start a new career in the field of creative industries.

All CPD programmes are delivered in Russian.

BHSAD offers an annual programme of 50+ short courses in a variety of subjects taught by our expert practitioners.

The courses are taught in Russian only. Full list and descriptions are available on the Russian version of the website.
We offer a number of Preparatory courses that are aimed at bringing students into contact with art and design education and offering them programmes that correspond with their specific needs and levels.

The courses offer an opportunity to enhance various creative qualifications, the ultimate goal being for students to be able to progress to starting a professional degree in art and design education.

It is also a good chance to investigate whether a degree at BHSAD and the prospect of a career in the creative industry are a viable option for you.
These English language courses were designed for students with an interest in Art & Design, especially those willing to study at BHSAD.

The lessons provide a unique opportunity to learn the vocabulary and structures to discuss art, graphic and interior design, fashion and photography, and to practise this language in context.

Practical sessions will improve your reading, writing, listening, speaking and pronunciation, as well as develop your grammar and communication skills.
Britanka ArtsCool is designed for kids from 12 to 16 years old and provides a strong grounding in the field of visual arts and digital design. It encourages creative and personal growth through self-expression. Each course creates a dynamic environment wh ere students build self-confidence along with a foundation of creative and technical skills.

It is a great opportunity for kids and teens to develop art and design skills alongside energetic and creative peers who are passionate about what they are doing. Teaching skills such as critical thinking, innovation and visual literacy, Britanka ArtsCool helps kids learn to solve problems creatively, find new ways of expression and become designers of their own worlds.

Undergraduate & Foundation Art and Design

BHSAD offers following programmes validated by the University of Hertfordshire (UK) for delivery in Moscow:

- BA (Hons) Fashion
- BA (Hons) Fine Art
- BA (Hons) Graphic Design
- BA (Hons) Illustration
- BA (Hons) Interior Architecture and Design
- BA (Hons) Product Design

Graduates of British higher education courses offered in Russia receive academic awards from the University of Hertfordshire which opens wide career opportunities on a global level. Thanks to the credit system and validated educational programmes, the years spent at BHSAD turn into a freely convertible asset which the student may carry over to other international educational institutions. Needless to say that our students can freely transfer to the University of Hertfordshire and return back in any semester during their studies.

Continuing Professional Development

Short courses

Preparatory courses

English language courses

Britanka ArtsCool

Undergraduate & Foundation Art and Design

BA (Hons) Graphic Design

Full-time — 3 years
Language: ENGLISH
The course offers students the opportunity to pursue an individual path through the plurality of contemporary design practice. They develop and test intellectual and practical knowledge through a series of challenging studio briefs, international competitions and live projects.

BA (Hons) Illustration

Full-time — 3 years
Language: english
The programme gives students broad experience in image-making in a range of contexts, from traditional publishing and commercial applications through to independent books, zines and limited prints. The programme encourages students to extend their drawing skills, develop conceptual thinking and their own personal visual language and identity.

BA (Hons) Fashion

Full-time — 3 years
Language: ENGLISH
The course prides itself on creative and conceptual approaches supported by technical skill, expertise and innovative design practice. Students are encouraged to question and challenge the prevailing fashion landscape in an intelligent and thoughtful manner and be agents of change and catalysts for the future development of the Russian Fashion Industry.

BA (Hons) Fine Art

Full-time — 3 years, part-time — 6 years
Language: ENGLISH
The programme's aim is to nurture and develop confident, self-motivated and resourceful fine art practitioners with a professional outlook and clear understanding of the context and field they are working in. The students are encouraged to explore the potential of media through studio practice involving drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, installation, photography and video.

BA (Hons) Product Design

Full-time: 3 years, Part-time: 5 years
Language: english
This well-established and cutting-edge course gives students the skills and guidance they need to develop successful commercial products. The students are encouraged to take a creative and innovative approach to problem-solving, while also addressing the functional, social and economic needs of their design.

BA (Hons) Interior Architecture & Design

Full-time — 3 years, Part-time — 5 years
Language: english
Students engage with the conversation relating to the reuse and adaptation of the built fabric of the contemporary city through studio-based design projects and material explorations. They acquire the skills and knowledge to make informed and responsive architectural projects within an urban environment that reflect their own unique context.

BA (Hons) Photography

Full-time — 3 years
Language: ENGLISH
The programme is designed for those interested in a career as a professional photographer or in related media professions. These may range from advertising and editorial photography to documentary photography and personally defined fine art photography, as well as related spheres such as production, picture editing, curating and gallery management.

Foundation Art and Design

Language: ENGLISH
This challenging one-year course introduces you to design concepts and practices and gives you the knowledge, breadth, intensive preparation and quality of work necessary to gain a place in one of the School's BA (Hons) programmes.