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Foundation in Art and Design
Foundation in Art and Design

Foundation Art and Design

Tuition fees
Full-time: GBP 5,300 / year

About the course 

The Foundation Diploma in Art & Design is an intensive 1 year programme aimed at students intent on ultimately studying a creative BA degree. Applicants should have some experience of studying Art & Design subjects up to and beyond UK equivalent level 3 Art & Design courses, such as A’ level Art or a Level 3 Certificate in Art & Design. The programme recognises the vast scope of Art & Design and it’s many forms, and the need for students of Art and Design to explore the creative options available to them, before they truly understand where their creative strengths lie. The course acts as a springboard onto successful careers within the creative industries by allowing them to find their creative direction, developing the necessary key 'Foundation' skills needed to flourish at BA degree level and on to a creative career.


The course is constructed of 3 distinct stages of student development, as students explore their creative direction, define their creative pathway and ultimately consolidate their creative practice. 

Stage 1 is a diagnostic period of creative exploration of a wide range of creative processes, techniques and disciplines. The main areas or ‘Pathways’ of study are 3D Design, Communication Design, Fashion Design and Fine Art. 

Stage 2 where students focus on one of the four main ‘Pathways’ and develop the key skills needed to prepare them to enter one of the six BHSAD BA degree programmes. At this stage Foundation students work on a diverse range of project briefs with the aim of producing a high quality subject specific portfolio of work in preparation for applying to the BA degree programme of choice. 

Stage 3 is designed to challenge students to work at degree level, where they apply their acquired skills knowledge and understanding of their subject to produce a final project and public exhibition of their work.

Stage 1

Stage 1 - Research and Exploration

The course consists of 3 phases — research and exploration, subject specialism and finally self initiated project work.

Stage 1 Involves the immersion of students into creative activities, during which students attend relevant practical workshops, developing key practical skills such as drawing, idea generation, research and problem solving. Structured projects allow students to experience  a very broad range of creative activities. Students are introduced to the different Pathways and disciplines  and gain a greater insight into the pathway choices and future study available to them.

Stage 2

Stage 2 - Pathway Stage

Students choose their subject specialism in fine art, fashion, graphic or spatial design and prepare for progression to our higher education programmes. Students will demonstrate a more serious attitude towards learning of the specific nature of their chosen pathways. Students will complete subject specific creative projects developing essential research and technical skills as well as producing a high quality portfolio of work in readiness for progression onto the BA programme of choice.

Stage 3

Stage 3 – Confirmatory Stage

The final stage of the course requires students to apply all their previous learning in a final major subject specific project. With the direction of their subject tutors students are challenged to propose and realise degree level research resulting in a high quality outcome, display and public exhibition of work. By the end of the stage and the course students have developed a sophisticated understanding of their chosen subject, and have refined their research, problem solving, planning, organization, analytical and practical skills to degree level, and are perfectly placed to successfully progress onto their BA degree programme of choice.

Core subjects
- English language for designers 
- Drawing Development and Visual Research 
- Image Making
- Digital Skills 
- Fine Art 
- Fashion Design 
- Communication Design: Graphic Design, Illustration, Photography
- 3D & Spatial Design 
- Art & Design Context

Period of study

Full-time — 1 year

Tuition fees

Full-time: GBP 5,300 / year*

Students as a rule pay their tuition fees once a semester, that is, twice a year, but at their request can choose to pay on a monthly basis.

* This proposal does not constitute an offer, the prices are subject to change. Cost of services and conditions of their provision will be specified in the contract.

Required documents

- Online application form
- Copy of previous education certificates and academic qualifications.The following documents can be submitted: high school diploma, college degree diploma, higher education or BA diploma
- 2 photos 3х4 cm
- Copy of your passport
- Personal statement
Entry examinations
Students applying for Foundation Art and Design (FAD) and Year 1 of British higher education (BA (Hons) programmes) need to complete the following admission tests: 

- English exam (in the absence of an IELTS certificate)
- Portfolio review
- Interview

Foundation Art and Design does not require an IELTS certificate; there is an assumed knowledge of English at Intermediate or Pre-Intermediate level that will be tested during our examination. Alternatively these applicants may submit their IELTS document (or its equivalent) with a score of 5.0 or above.

A prospective student applying for a BA (Hons) programme does not need to sit an English exam if he has an IELTS (academic) certificate with a score of 6.0 or above. All BA (Hons) programme applicants must file with the School their original IELTS document (minimal grade 6.0) by the beginning of an academic year.

You can learn more about the IELTS test here

During the interview, the student will be asked a number of questions about their education and professional experience to inform the ultimate decision about their admission to the programme. Be ready to tell us about yourself, about your engagement with design and the projects you are presenting.

The student should present their portfolio which should feature samples of work from the past several years. Try to show us your best and latest works, which fully showcase your creative abilities. There are higher expectations as regards conceptual and technical abilities of students applying for Year 1, compared to Foundation applicants.

Required level of English
The minimum entry requirement for prospective students during the preliminary examination is pre-intermediate to intermediate English. As part of Foundation Art & Design course the students undergo intensive training in groups of respective levels (from Pre-Intermediate to Advanced). After the training the students take the IELTS test which is a prerequisite for moving to the Year 1 of BA degree.

The test is carried out in several stages or modules:

Listening (listening to recording played once) – 10 questions, 15 minutes. Examples: audio, task, answers;

Grammar test – 55 questions, 40 minutes, based on Murphy English grammar in use Intermediate;

Reading apprehension – 2 parts, 20 questions, 30 minutes, no electronic version, usually printed and adapted;

Essay writing – 45 minutes, 200-250 words on a topic proposed; e.g. Some people prefer to live in a small town. Others prefer to live in a big city. Which place would you prefer to live in?

The total test duration is 2 hours. A 10-break is given before the essay writing.
Required portfolio
A1 ring bound portfolio + A1 plastic sleeves
* 15 – 20 pieces of design / art work
** Sketchbooks any size (no more than 3)

*The range of design / art work in your portfolio should cover a broad spectrum of media, materials and approaches. When building your portfolio include a range of drawing, painting and photography, also other forms of art and design work you have created, such as 3D design, sculpture, collage, decorative art, design, web-design, film or animation.

**Sketchbooks are an important part of the interview, tutors would like to understand your experience of art and design project work, how you generate and develop your ideas, your use of research and your visual language.

Present examples of the best and most recent projects, reflective of your creative abilities. Include original artwork such as drawings and paintings as well as large format digital prints of digital design and photographs. Animation and video work should be presented on a portable hard drive, files should be compatible with Apple operating systems.

Please ensure you clearly label your A1 portfolio and sketchbooks with your full name, in Latin text. Digital files should also be organized into a separate folder on your portable hard drive, be clearly labeled with your name and the title of any specific project.

Video guide: portfolio preparation 
Interview procedure
Prospective students will be asked questions regarding their educational and professional backgrounds in order to make a final decision about admission onto the course
Application deadline
You must choose a convenient round of entrance tests.

The date and time of the interview within the selected round are appointed individually, not later than a week before the start of the round.

1-й round (21.05.2018 - 27.05.2018)
2-й round (11.06.2018 - 17.06.2018)
3-й round (16.07.2018 - 22.07.2018)
4-й round (13.08.2018 - 19.08.2018)

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