Alumni association

Maintains and enhances a community of alumni, tutors and friends

Our most valuable asset

The number of BHSAD alumni grows each year, forming a vibrant and dynamic community of creative professionals. The geographic footprint of our graduates is constantly expanding as many continue their studies abroad, while others seek out exciting opportunities on the rapidly developing local market. The Alumni association is a great platform for young professionals to explore new networking and career opportunitie.


Our main aim is to maintain and enhance connections between BHSAD alumni — helping to strengthen the School's role in the educational and social environment in the world beyond the School. The Alumni association provides useful information through regular updates via social networks and email newsletters, organises alumni events, plus tracks the significant career events and accomplishments of our graduates. Additionally, it organises partnership agreements to secure funding for the needs of the association and arranges discounts on products and services through loyalty programmes offered by our partners.

How to join

Every BHSAD graduate who completes a programme of one year or more automatically becomes a member of the Alumni association. At their graduation ceremony, students receive a membership card, which can be used to access the School’s premises and receive discounts through loyalty programmes kindly offered by our partners.

Partners of association

The British Higher School of Art and Design maintains close relationships with many local and international companies that provide discounts, bonuses and special offers for our alumni. The list of partner companies is constantly updated

More about partners

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Member benefits

Members of the Alumni network receive the following benefits:

  • 10% discount

    If you wish to undertake a short course offered by the School.

  • Loyalty programme

    Discounts on products and services through loyalty programmes offered by our partners.

  • Information resources centre

    Access to the Learning Resources Centre and its resources.

  • Educational events

    Priority access to master-classes or open lectures conducted by the School.

  • Alumni meetings, presentations and other events

    Free participation in Alumni meetings organised in Moscow and London and special terms if you wish to hire the school premises for presentations, roundtables and other events.

  • Alumni newsletter

    An electronic newsletter which helps keep in touch with fellow graduates and features job postings, commercial projects, news and more.

  • Success stories

    If you have a professional achievement that you would like to share with the School and our students, email us at, and we will publish your success story on our website.

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