Tuition Fees

Here you can find information about the cost of training in the educational programmes of the School
Payment methods

The standard form of payment for educational services is equal payments, twice a year.

Monthly payment
The School has a system of monthly installment payments. It is valid for the duration of study.
The total cost of tuition increases as compared with the base amount:

+ 10% for BA and Foundation programmes, as well as CPD programmes.

The minimum payment paid before the start of the course is from 25% to 30% of the cost of one year of study.
Further, the payment is made in equal installments over:

8 months (9 installments in total) or BA and Foundation programmes;
7 months (8 installments in total) for CPD programmes.

Payment by installments made by monthly equal payments according to the schedule approved in the contract. Monthly payments should be made within the period of study, starting next month after the start of training. Monthly payments shall be made in due time before the 5th of each month.
Proof of payment is not required.

In case of delay in the implementation of the planned payment by the 15th of the current month the academic department of BHSAD will release a draft order of dismissal, which comes into place within 5 working days.

Restoration of students expelled because of financial debt is possible within a month after dismissal and is carried out on a paid basis.

Installments are not provided to students of preparatory courses, as well as to students of short-term training courses (lasting less than 2 academic semesters).

Discount Terms

All long-term programmes:

A 10% discount:

is granted to all graduates of long-term programmes (CPD, BA, MA and MBA) of any school within Universal University;

A 5% discount:

is granted to CPD applicants of first rounds, according to the information provided in the application.

Discounts are not cumulative; if there are two offers, the maximum discount applies.

Intensive purchase and payment

VISA, MasterCard and “Mir” payment system are accepted.

The online payment is carried out in accordance with the Rules of the international payment systems Visa, MasterCard and the Payment System "Mir" on the principles of confidentiality and security of payment, which uses the most modern methods of verification, encryption and data transfer through closed communication channels. Bank card data is entered on the secure payment page of JSC «Alfa-Bank».
Russian additional education
Russian additional education
390 000 ₽ per year
1 200 000 ₽ for 2 years
395 000 ₽
350 000 ₽ per year
360 000 ₽
180 000 ₽ 
370 000 ₽ per year
from 18 000 ₽
from 18 000 ₽
from 28 800 ₽
from 27 000 ₽
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