Удаляйте, удаляйте, удаляйте и в конце вы найдёте ключевой аспект дизайна.

Delete, delete, delete and at the end find the core aspect of the design.

Achille Castiglioni Italian designer and architect

Student works

The British Higher School of Art and Design is based within an Art & Design hub called Artplay which consists of refurbished industrial spaces. The School boasts many fully-equipped studios and workshops where students learn practical skills in various areas of art and design.

British Higher School of Art & Design

The British Higher School of Art and Design was established in Moscow in 2003 and soon became a highly reputable and internationally facing Art & Design School in Russia due to its ongoing partnership with the School of the Creative Arts at The University of Hertfordshire and an impressive level of resources and equipment. The University of Hertfordshire validates all of our undergraduate degrees and as such we work in accordance with and to the standards of the UK Higher Education provision.

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