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admission requirements

If you’ve already decided on the programme you want to enrol in, fill in the online application form. You will need to include your passport and contact information and detail your education and professional experience. 

A number of programmes have enrolment exams. These may include a review of your portfolio, an essay, an interview or an English test (for British undergraduate courses and Foundation Art and Design). You need to select suitable examination dates to take part. 

Please carefully study the enrollment requirements for the programme you are interested in.


Students applying for Foundation Art and Design and Year 1 of British higher education need to complete the following admission tests: 

- English exam (in the absence of an IELTS certificate)
- Portfolio review
- Interview

A prospective student does not need to sit an English exam if they have an IELTS certificate with a score of 6 or above. Foundation Art and Design does not require an IELTS certificate; there is an assumed knowledge of English at Intermediate or Pre-Intermediate level.

You can learn more about the IELTS test here

During the interview, the student will be asked a number of questions about their education and professional experience to inform the ultimate decision about their admission to the programme. Be ready to tell us about yourself, about your engagement with design and the projects you are presenting.

When applying for Foundation Art and Design, the student should present their portfolio, which should feature samples of work from the past several years. Try to show us your best and latest works, which fully showcase your creative abilities. There are higher expectations as regards conceptual and technical abilities of students applying for Year 1, compared to Foundation applicants.

The following documents are required for enrollment:

- Application form (electronic version filled out online)
- An original or a copy of prior education certificates
- two 3x4 photos
- Passport (presented with application documents)
- Personal statement* in English

*A personal statement is a letter of around 250 words, which explains your reasons for choosing the programme and describes your experience, skills, achievements and aspirations. The personal statement is an additional source of information about your motivation, professional interests and personal qualities and thus plays a part in the selection decision.