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What is the average age of the students?
There are no age restrictions to study at BHSAD and we welcome all students who have achieved the necessary academic qualifications who can demonstrate their skills and potential at interview and with their portfolio of work. Our full-time students range from 17 - 25 years of age and our part-time students range from 20 - 35.
What is the language of delivery?
The education at BHSAD is provided by an international team of lecturers but the working language is always English for our British programmes.
Does BHSAD get involved in the placement of its graduates?
Career orientation and the success of our graduates is a top priority and our network of contacts within the industry is what sets us apart from other institutions with the main focus of our Career Centre being on placing our graduates in employment.
Who are the tutors?
International staff with a global outlook, predominantly alumni of well-reputed British universities, who possess extensive professional, industry and teaching experience and who apply inspirational and enthusiastic teaching approach to ensure that our students have an incredible student experience and grow to become fully-fledged hands-on professionals in their field of expertise.
How come you provide British educational programmes in Moscow?
The British Higher School of Art and Design (BHSAD) is a partner of the University of Hertfordshire (UH) running six validated BA (Hons) programmes. Upon successful completion of studies BHSAD students are eligible to receive academic awards issued by the University of Hertfordshire and identical to those provided for UH graduates. Our students can transfer freely to UH and return back for any semester during their studies.
What is the standard of the Foundation Diploma in Art & Design?
Foundation Art and Design Course helps to prepare for undergraduate programmes in British higher education institutions, giving a general idea of future occupation and helping to choose the pathway option most suitable for the fulfilment of your educational requirements. It should be taken prior to enrollment for Bachelors' programmes by prospective students without the relevant professional education and/or design experience. BHSAD's Foundation Diploma in Art & Design is internally assessed and follows the Edexcel programme specifications.
What is the standard of the BA (Hons) degrees awarded to BHSAD graduates?

Students of British Higher School of Art and Design get a unique opportunity to study for and receive a British degree from one of the leading universities of the UK in a school located in a major Moscow design centre with a strong creative community and superb facilities. British programmes in our School are substantially the same as the one offered in the University of Hertfordshire (UH) and are taught in line with its academic regulations. UH ensures that students' work and the courses themselves are moderated and validated by external examiners and independent assessors to guarantee that BHSAD is providing the same high standards as our counterpart universities in the UK.
Are degrees from the University of Hertfordshire recognised in Europe?
Thanks to the degree credit system, your time spent at the British Higher School of Art and Design can be carried over to other European educational institutions. The graduates of British programmes at BHSAD are awarded degrees from the University of Hertfordshire, the same as those awarded to graduates of the University of Hertfordshire (UK). The University of Hertfordshire is a well-established and internationally recognised institution whose alumni are successfully employed all over the world and our graduates can enjoy the career opportunities which open to them as a result of studying with us.

BA Programmes

Are there any restrictions for citizens of other countries wishing to apply to study at BHSAD?
There are no entry restrictions for citizens of other countries. The School's International Department helps with visa and accommodation requirements.
Does the School provide visa support?
To be able to study in Russia a student needs to obtain a student visa. The School's International Department will provides assistance with Student Visa applications as well as support on key issues to do with relocation. In order to have a visa in place by the start of the year we advise you to contact our International Department at least two months in advance.
What are the requirements for the English Entry Exam?
You should have Pre-Intermediate/Intermediate level English as a minimum to begin studying at BHSAD. This will be established when you take the English Entry Exam at the application stage. During the Foundation year, our students undergo intensive English lanugage preparation to improve their level of competency in listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. At the end of the Foundation course, all students take the IELTS Exam (an internationally recognised qualification for non-native speakers). Non-native speakers must hold a minimum level 6 IELTS qualification to go on to study on BA programmes at BHSAD. IELTS certificates are valid for two years after the date of issue so we accept certificates issued earlier within this period.
How do I apply to study?
You need to provide the following documents (personally or by e-mail): - a completed online application form - previous education certificates - copy of your passport - 2 passport sized photographs
How will I find accommodation?
It is popular for students to flat-share in Moscow to keep costs down and it can be a great way to meet new people. The School can help you find accommodation but students must cover all of their own costs. Prices range from around £550 to £700 (€700 - €900) for a two room apartment outside of the city centre and rental prices rise as you move closer into the city centre. Please contact our International Department for details.
What are the entry requirements for BA courses?

Students applying for Year 1 of BA courses must be able to demonstrate a competence of the English Language (minimum IELTS level 6.0 if applicant is a non-native English speaker) and acceptance onto all BA programmes is subject to a successful interview and portfolio assessment by BHSAD tutors. Applicant's portfolios should demonstrate an equivalent level to that attained by the successful completion of a Foundation Diploma in Art and Design. For more details, please have a look at the website.

What are the entry requirements for Foundation Diploma in Art and Design?
Acceptance on to the Foundation Diploma in Art and Design is based on a successful interview and portfolio assessment with our tutors and applicants must sit our English Entry Exam to demonstrate that they have the required level of English to cope with the demands of study.