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Become a part of our international community of talented professionals and experience Moscow’s vibrant cultural scene

Thanks to the ongoing partnership with one of the leading universities in the UK — University of Hertfordshire, we are able to achieve the highest quality of teaching and learning creative subjects, providing the best intellectual, organizational, informational and technical resources for a successful career for our graduates.

Our committed and diverse community of experienced creative academic and technical staff, together with our dedicated students create a culturally rich, research-informed educational experience which helps our graduates acquire the competencies required to equip them for life in a complex and rapidly changing world.

Nash Jackson Byron, BA (Hons) Illustration student, on living in Moscow

What makes the school unique?

    Only the highly skilled specialists from various creative industries become tutors at the BHSAD. Over 400 talented people are currently working at the School, including foreign teachers and Russian specialists that work in the industry and keep track of all current trends both in their field and in education. Tutors at the BHSAD support our students during different course levels and projects and teach them to evaluate their results and progress.


    The highly effective programmes at the BHSAD allow to quickly improve skills and professional knowledge. Our methodology, packed schedule and a lot of self-study cources help students get the required skills and become a demanded specialist. All our teachers are real experts in their field – they are practicing designers, illustrators, decorators and other specialists of creative industries, which allows students not only to gain theoretical knowledge, but also get practical skills they will need when working with clients.


    We think that education goes beyond the classroom. The most valued experience we get when talking to practicing specialists and working on real projects. That is why the BHSAD collaborates with more than 100 of Russian and international companies, making sure that students connect and work with specialists from different fields and get a hands-on experience. We also organise workshops and career days during which students have an opportunity to meet with famous designers and other specialists of creative industries.


    Thanks to the high level of the School’s resources and equipment students get to implement their most creative ideas. No other design school in Russia and CIS has the same impressive level of equipment and resources – the BHSAD has art and fashion studios, model-making and prototyping centre, printing equipment, including silkscreening, 3D and textile printing equipment. In 2017 the BHSAD opened a VR-lab that allows students to complete projects of any scale and complexity in digital 3D reality.


    The School constantly works to improve its methodology and educational programmes. Our Department of Academic Quality makes sure our programmes are aligned with the international standards and requirements, regardless of the specialisation. We create our programmes to meet the industry’s needs, and our «360º» quality control system allows us to monitor teachers’ work and get feedback from our students.

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