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international standards in art & design education

The school was established in 2003 to educate students according to the highest international standards within the spheres of art and design

The British Higher School of Art and Design is one of the most important educational centres in Russia. BHSAD works in close partnership with the School of the Creative Arts of the University of Hertfordshire in the UK and specialises in professional education in various creative fields.

Interaction with one of the leading universities in the UK is carried out within the framework of cooperation with the School of Creative Arts ("art" and "design" study fields) and with the Hertfordshire Business School ("marketing" and "advertising" study fields).


The British Higher School of Design is a part of Universal University — university where the future of creative industries is being built, a new expert community is being formed, and there are wide opportunities for personal and professional development throughout life.

The University unites Scream School, Moscow Film School, MARCH Architecture School, Moscow Advanced Communications School, Moscow Music School, MARCH Lab, Summer School of Education, Urban Policy Institute, The Food Academy and the Center for academic quality and creative teaching.


We believe that education should not be limited to the school facilities or the framework of the course. A desire for personal growth is a lifestyle, it means constantly provoking change, being bold, active, open, moving forward despite fear, experimenting and having positive attitude towards everything.


The common values and perception of design as a set of moral and social principles are the main link that brings together students, tutors, staff and partners of the School's. These principles guide us in everything we do, from developing educational programs to joint projects that we carry out together with the industry.


There is no absolute truth or final destinations in design. We are a community of creative fellow-thinkers whose knowledge, resources, educational techniques, experience and connections can bring anyone who joins us to a whole new level of personal and professional development and help them make their boldest ideas a reality.


We constantly develop and implement cutting-edge technologies and methods to our educational programs in order to enrich and upgrade the students’ experience. We eagerly respond to changes in the world around us, welcome new ideas and solutions, while sticking to our principles.



Only the highly skilled specialists from various creative industries become tutors at the BHSAD. Over 400 talented people are currently working at the School, including foreign teachers and Russian specialists that work in the industry and keep track of all current trends both in their field and in education. Tutors at the BHSAD support our students during different course levels and projects and teach them to evaluate their results and progress.


The highly effective programmes at the BHSAD allow to quickly improve skills and professional knowledge. Our methodology, packed schedule and a lot of self-study cources help students get the required skills and become a demanded specialist. All our teachers are real experts in their field – they are practicing designers, illustrators, decorators and other specialists of creative industries, which allows students not only to gain theoretical knowledge, but also get practical skills they will need when working with clients.


We think that education goes beyond the classroom. The most valued experience we get when talking to practicing specialists and working on real projects. That is why the BHSAD collaborates with more than 100 of Russian and international companies, making sure that students connect and work with specialists from different fields and get a hands-on experience. We also organise workshops and career days during which students have an opportunity to meet with famous designers and other specialists of creative industries.


Thanks to the high level of the School’s resources and equipment students get to implement their most creative ideas. No other design school in Russia and CIS has the same impressive level of equipment and resources – the BHSAD has art and fashion studios, model-making and prototyping centre, printing equipment, including silkscreening, 3D and textile printing equipment. In 2017 the BHSAD opened a VR-lab that allows students to complete projects of any scale and complexity in digital 3D reality.


The School constantly works to improve its methodology and educational programmes. Our Department of Academic Quality makes sure our programmes are aligned with the international standards and requirements, regardless of the specialisation. We create our programmes to meet the industry’s needs, and our «360º» quality control system allows us to monitor teachers’ work and get feedback from our students.



BHSAD collaborates with the University of Hertfordshire (UK) since the School's opening in 2003. The University was founded in 1952 as Hatfield Technical College and is now one of the top 100 universities in the world under 50 years old according to the Times Higher Education ranking 2015.

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No other design school, whether state or private, in Russia or any given post-Soviet state can boast of such an impressive level of resources and equipment. The School continually develops and improves its information and technical resources to provide effective learning support and a welcoming environment.
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