Britanka New Creatives

Britanka New Creatives is an annual festival of events which celebrate the creativity and innovation of students and graduates of the British Programmes at the British Higher School of Design.

Britanka New Creatives is a festival of creative innovation and events which centres around the showcasing of over 100 graduating Britanka degree students in the form of their Britanka Degree Show 2021.

We are excited to announce that this year the festival will launch with our Foundation Art & Design, Pre-Foundation Art & Design and Introduction to Art & Design shows.

Britanka New Creatives is open to everyone with an interest in art, design, culture and the future.

Britanka New Creatives features exhibitions, screenings and performances of new, innovative art and design works from new creative talent at various stages of their professional development.

From our professional level graduates who are about to make a positive impact on their respective industries, to our pre-degree students who are actively immersed in their creative education, visitors will gain an insight into the experiences gained as a Britanka art and design student.

Work will represent a breadth of creative fields including fine art, fashion design, graphic design, illustration, photography, marketing and advertising, jewellery design, textile design, product and industrial design, interior architecture and design.

Visitors will also be able to participate in additional events such as public talks and workshops hosted by leading creative industry professionals and creative taster experiences for anyone with a curiosity and interest in trying something new.

Britanka Degree Show 2020

Britanka Degree Show 2021
The Britanka Degree Show is an annual exhibition for graduates of BHSAD BA programs.

The annual degree show will be held at BHSAD from 24 July till 1 August. 

This year BA (Hons) graduates of 2021 will present works on fashion design, art, illustration, graphic design, photography, architecture and interior design, product and industrial design.   

Foundation Art & Design Show 2020
Home : Work is a series of 124 exhibitions staged in students apartments, dachas and gardens, that form the end of year exhibition for the 2019/2020 cohort of Foundation Art & Design students at BHSAD.

Foundation Art & Design Show 2020
Home : Work exhibition opening

Pre-Foundation Art & Design Show 2020
The exhibition of Pre-Foundation Art & Design students features works in the areas of 3D Space and 3D Object Design, Graphic Design and Illustration, Fine Art and Photography, Fashion Design and Textile. Among the projects are animation, video art, installation, illustration, collage, drawings, painting, models of architectural projects and design objects, textile outcomes, etc.

Pre-Foundation Art & Design Show 2020
Exhibition opening

Introduction to Art & Design Show 2020
The exhibition of Introduction to Art & Design students is a portal to the world of design. Through it, the viewer can immerse himself in the learning process on the course. The chronology of the exhibition corresponds to the disciplines that students explored throughout the year: 3D Design, Fashion design, Fine Art, Communication design, Drawings.

Introduction to Art & Design Show 2020
Exhibition opening

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