Student jobs and careers

Highly sought-after graduate employment

Careers centre

The international reputation of the School and long-term relationships with leading international and local businesses in the creative fields help students establish and nurture their own professional networks during their time at BHSAD. The dedicated Careers Centre supports students and graduates with all aspects of career planning and decision making, along with helping them to recognise and develop the skills needed to start a business or gain employment. We also organise networking events and career and startup-related workshops.

Careers advice

Throughout their studies at BHSAD students benefit from our career support. We will help students to explore different career paths and internship opportunities, develop their employability and interpersonal skills needed for a job interview, provide guidance to create a great CV, cover letter and creative portfolio, plus we assist with other job search related issues.

To talk about some ideas or explore your options please book an appointment with a member of the BHSAD Careers Centre staff by emailing us at

Internships and work placements

Our students are equipped with a skillset based on international education standards and are prepared to gain employment experience within the workplace. If your company works in spheres such as: graphic design, advertising, illustration, interior design, product design, fashion design, architecture, photography, art or any other creative field, we will be happy to match students with you internship and work placement opportunities.

This scheme allows companies that have a need for creative professionals to obtain additional human resources for their current needs and to test our future graduates while the students gain valuable hands-on experience and increase their prospects for successful and well-paid employment after graduation.


If your company would like to raise its profile with the help of our students and has internship/work placement opportunities available, please get in touch via

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